HSV working on a $200,000 super monaro

Discussion in '2001 HSV VX2 SV300' started by MUGEN POWER, Aug 9, 2002.

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    just had to drop that holden reference in there somewhere didn't ya? ;-)
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    lol well what were you expecting? <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>

    That aside I would even rather venture into the "dark side" and get a Ford Fairlane.
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    I would rather have a SAAB 9-3 Aero for only $10k more. Now there is a car. The Volvo S60 R is a rocket too. These are some good cars.
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    I would go a Clubsport R8.
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    Why would you want either of those front drive sweedish POS's?

    For the price i say Liberty GT, WRX STi, 350Z, RX8, or 325i
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    I have to agree on the Lexus front.
    I've driven a GS300, it was awful and outdated (not nearly as bad as the Honda Legend though.)
    The ES 300 was absolute rubbish also, ugly and very reminiscent of a Toyota Camry.
    Only good Lexus is the LS430.
    Then again, that loses all appeal because of what it is up against.
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    I've never driven those cars, only been a passenger in a 98 ES300...what is so bad about them??
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    First of all, the Volvo S60 R is an AWD, not FWD

    Second of all, have you ever been in or even driven either of these cars ? I have been in the SAAB 9-3 Aero and I have to say it handles nothing like a FWD and performs great. Have you even heard of the S60 R ? Have a read up on one before you comment on them.

    Thirdly, as far as price is concerned, the 325i is much more expensive than those mentioned by myslef and others. The 350Z is a poor excuse for a coupe and I would rather the Liberty B4 than the GT.

    Forth, rotary engines are crap
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    But it is still a volvo...i enjoy heterosexual life.

    I have driven a 9-3 aero and must say it is one of the worst cars i have ever driven...that's right...much worse than any HSV.

    The 325i is only 70 grand...a 9-3 aero is about 67 grand...that isnt much more expensive. and remember about the S60...it's a volvo

    The 350Z is a great car with a flat powerband and neutral handling. Maybe you should read up on this before you comment on it.

    You would rather the B4 to the GT? well i suppose its your opinion...but the new GT is superior in every way to the B4...it is lighter, handles a lot better with less understeer, has a nicer interior, and has a much more responsive engine now they ditched that stupid twin turbo setup.

    Rotary engines are crap? would you care to supply some evidence to support your reasoning?

    And lastly, its a volvo
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    sweeping generalisations, just cause its a volvo, ever driven a volvo, we used to have an 850, best car we've ever owned.

    Maybe i have seen and read many a reviews of the 350Z and general consensus seems to be "crap". From australia and o/s. The only thing that its got going for it is the sound system, and if bought a car becasue it had a good sound system i'd buy a Mazda 6 which has a Bose system. But i ain't as narrow minded as that.

    The main thing that rotaries have going against them is gravity. They a re less reliadble and Mazda have yet to implement a gear-box that can handle the quick amounts of power that the rotary dish's out.

    So basically you would diss the S60 R just casue its a volvo and of the previous reputation that volvo has for making boxy and unapealing cars. Basically, apart from the C70 convertable, this will be the flagship car for Volvo and believe me, take away the volvo badging, and you'd probably want one.

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    Your first paragrapgh is not a very reasoned argument...

    Who says the reputation of volvo making unappealing cars (lookswise) is "previous"? There is still thousands of cars that look way better than most volvos.
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    Volvo had a reputation for making ugly, boxy cars and they spent more time on safety than on anything. Now they have revamped their image and have made some very nice cars of recent. Take for example the S60 and also the C70, their 4WD looks pretty good. You can't hold a car down to its past when they are trying to change.
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    there still nothing special
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    same could be said for Holdens. Just cause volvo doesn't make a 400bhp car doesn't make them crap. A 300bhp AWD is quite sufficient and very good
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    same could be said for Holdens. Just cause volvo doesn't make a 400bhp car doesn't make them crap. A cer is more than just an engine, take a look at the S60 R vs. a HSV in all other areas of the car apart from the engine and you would find its a equally if not better car.
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    i wasnt talking about the engine, i just believe they still dont look any good. they have definately inproved in the looks department since the older models but there are a lot nicer looking cars around
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    there are also some much more uglier looking cars around. Its personal opinion on things like looks.
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    My parents owned a Volvo and it blew 2 gearboxes, with the third on the way out, faulty engine mounts, broken driveshaft, and numerous other smaller problems, all within 70 000km. then sense prevailed and they traded it in on an Outback H6, which has been faultless.

    I dunno which magazine articles you are reading, Motor, High Performance Imports, Wheels, and Speed all said it was a great drive.

    Secondly, your telling me you would rather have a Mazda 6 over a 350Z? maybe if you had a family, but otherwise....

    Rotaries were unreliable in the 80's. The series 4 onwards RX7's were all pretty reliable, the Series 6 outstandingly so.

    I suppose there is a bit of unfairness in my argument against the Volvo, but i'm a one strike kinda guy. They have shown to be bad cars in my experience so I avoid them.
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    I was saying that if i were buying a car on what kinda sound system it had, then i'd buy a Mazda 6 cause it has an unbelievable Bose sound system. We got a Mazda 6 Luxury Sports model, we also have a Ford Explorer. I personally like to drive the Explorer becasue it is way more powerful and drives like a normal car. The mazda 6 is guttless and is crap to drive. The only thing it has going for it is the sound system, the sub standard leather seats and the sun roof (which i admit is a gimmic).

    As far as performace goes i would rather have the 350Z.

    NB: I dislike 4WD cause i think that the most ppl who buy one hardly use them for off road (we do i might add) and its mainly women who drive them and they take up a fair amount of road. However, as far as 4WD's go, the Explorer has got to be one of the best (it wasn't one of the worlds top selling 4WD's for nothing), and unlike most Fords you find in Australia, these are built in the US, the difference in build quality between this and australian Fords in remarkable. The explorers have a much better build quality.
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    I couldnt agree more on the disliking of 4WD, add to that they are way more dangerous in accidents to all parties involved and a pain in the ass on the road as you can't see around them!
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    Yes but you wouldn't buy a 350Z for the sound system, you would buy it for the performance. btw, what reviews said it was bad? you still haven't been able to back that one up.

    I don't know what's wrong with yours, but the Mazda 6 is a hell of a lot faster and better handling than an Explorer.
    As far as 4WD's go, the explorer is ugly, poor handling, has a crap engine and shocking build quality. It may be one of the top selling 4WD;s in the world, but 99% of that is in America, and you and I both know what Americans are like. Also, if you wanted to go off road, why buy a road 4WD?

    From my experience, american cars are worst in the world bar none.

    and before you mention Jaguar, at least they have character.
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    every article i have read on the 350z has been a good one.

    i hate 4wd's there to big, heavy, slow, dont handle well, they drink way to much petrol and there totally pointless unless you are going to take it off road. The whole crossover thing is a total waste of time. Just buy a car for the type of driving you do, which in almost all cases doesnt involve such a big car or 4wd.

    especially those luxury 4wd's that have low profile tyres that make off road driving almost impossible without damaging the rim
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    First that bloke was claiming you HSV fans couldn't back up your arguments, and now he makes a claim that every review he read of the 350Z has been a bad one, and doesn't even care to state which particular review this was.

    I agree totally with your comments on 4WD's, and as for the BMW X5/Merc ML type cars, you can't blame them for cashing in on some rich idiots who want to drive cars like that
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    i not blamiing bwm, mercedes, waht there doing is smart by cashin in on rich people. i just dont understand why people would want them
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    The X5 isn't a bad car, its esentially a 5 series for much less due to australias tax laws. But the Merc ML is absolutely shite

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