HSV working on a $200,000 super monaro

Discussion in '2001 HSV VX2 SV300' started by MUGEN POWER, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Top Gear rated it very poorly for a start, yeah i know thats only one, but i've read another with the same view, and yes i hate the dudes from Top Gear just as much as everyone else.

    Have you ever driven a Mazda 6. Sure the Luxury Sports has leather seats, sun roof, Bose sound system etc. but the engine is way too under powered for the size of the car: 2.3L 4cyl with 123kw. Once you have driven a Mazda 6 you'll know what i'm talking about. I would also like to see the Mazda get near the 190km/h speed limiter on the Explorer (I've taken the Explorer upto 190km/h with 3000rpm left on the dial which would suggest to me that it could go 210-215km/h). The Mazda could go no-where near as fast as an engine which is much bigger in size like the explorer, 4WD or not

    As far as the explorers go, ours is the previous model explorer, not the latest. The handling on the explorer is way better than some other 4WD's i've driven such as the Patrol or Landcruiser (these are just tanks with smaller engines), it drives like a car, but is just big. And the build quality, i don't know what explorer you have been looking at, but if you compare an explorer with a falcon, the quality is far superior.

    As for your "why buy a road 4WD?", we have taken the explorer off road many times and performs way better off road than our previous Nissan Patrol.

    For both the Mazda 6 and the Explorer, if you haven't driven either of them, then you can't comment on their handling, power, speed etc.

    BTW: I was making the point that i "wouldn't" buy a car for its sounds system, this is where the Mazda came in.

    Also, cars from Korea are the worst built cars in the world
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    the x5 is definately my favourite aprt from the ceyanne turbo but its almost impossible to make such a heavy and high car to have anything but the characteristics that these type of cars are renowned for
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    Skoda are also one of the worst cars in the world. For build quality and anything else
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    both wheels and motor rated the 350Z highly, and what was the other magazine?

    I haven't driven an explorer, but i have driven a 6 and it wasnt the most exhilarating experience ever but it wasn't half bad either. I also got up to 180km/h easily.

    as far as off road goes, if Explorers are so good, why are 99% of the cars in the outback cruisers or patrols?

    and i would agree about korean cars, except for maybe eastern european and russian cars.
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    U mean the Skodas. Totally agree, my sister is in England and has a Skoda Favorite and its the worst car she's ever had.

    most cars in the outback are cruisers and patrols becasue they are basically built for the off road conditions and not on road, the explorer has a good mix. I said it was better than our previous patrol which was an old 6 year old tank. not the new ones.

    If you've driven the 6, then you'll have to agree that its is significantly under powered, a 2.3L engine for a car like that is stupid, but i've heard that they are bringin out a 3.0L engine for it, so they've odviously realsied that it is under powered. I think that we'll get the new 3.0L when it comes out and get rid of this POS.
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    yes i agree the 6 is underpowered, but it is a family car, not a sports car (despite what the ads say)
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    I reckon there should be some variance in engine size between the normal cheaper model 6's and the top "Luxury Sports" mazda 6. Most car companies give a better engine to a more expensive car, so why can't mazda do the same. If it had a better engine, i'd like the car. But it doesn't. Its supposed to handle like a "sports" car, werll it doesn't. The steering is very light and runs away all too often. I would've perfered a Liberty Herritage with optional body kit for the price we payed for the 6. Bose sound system or no Bose sound system
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    I agree to that in that Holden should do the same. ie a V6 Caprice should get more power than a V6 executive, hell even an S should have more than an executive. Although I suppose that is made up a bit with different engine options...
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    exactly, there is little incentive to get the higher models for performance or handling when they are essentially the same car
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    Well I wouldn't say little incentive, there is always the extra standard features.

    The new Calais and Caprice's bigger wheels and lower suspension would help their handling a bit compared to Executive/Statesman etc.
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    i really mean't in terms of the difference between them in performance and handling. Even with bigger wheels (not that much bigger though, only 1" right ?) and a lower suspension, i doubt there would be a very noticable difference between them.
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    yeh i think its more of an equipment rather than a performance thing, its more the image of the S rather than any performance advantage over the exec (or any other model for that matter)
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    Well yeah the journalists say that they notice the changes. The average person probably won't notice them in normal conditions unless you pushed the car hard. I guess its one of those things, like you don't notice 5kw more in an upgrade, but 4 upgrades later and you have 20kw more and it starts to take effect.

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