HSV's Race Track Special: The GTSR

Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by GrimBeaver, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. Remove lizardmech, add possa, and add yourself to a bonfire.
  2. I dont think you can have a rollcage blocking the door like that and be road legal. The porsche GT2/GT3 one does not intrude on the cabin at all, remember hitting your head on one of those side rollcage bars would be deadly without a helmut. You do have to have a padded wheel but you also have to have the gearnumbers on the gear stick and several brands get away with not having them. I looked at those LEDs for a few mins but I could't find any on the back and there didn't appear to be any indicator stick near the steering wheel
  3. there was a mention of a homogalated model of this possibly appearing. that would probably mean a rollcage and aircon. whats going to happen if the 7litre motor goes in the GTS? will this get it??
  4. "this car does not compete in something that the Ultima would"? If you're looking to buy a roadable track-day car, why the hell would you care what 'class' it is in?
  5. This car has exuasts like a V8supercar with flams that come out. the reason this car will be made is because they dont have to complie with adrs becasue it's a race car full stop, this is wy the HSV 427 failed making two types off cars stuffed them up.
  6. Why isn't it canary yellow with a huge ugly black spoiler ?
  7. Why would they want to do that?
  8. Because that's what the original one looked like. It looked like such a pile of wank it was funny (yes I realise it's fast and bladiblabla).
  9. HSV should forget it and 510 engine
  10. Doyle, where can i pick up a copy of "Holden Magazine"
  11. you Mean life magazine
  12. um, i think cosidering being so "closely intertwined" with Holden that you would realise that it's called "Holden Lion"
  13. no that is just one of the two there is holden lion and Life. one is about the cars the other is about the lifestyle that a holde4n car brings
  14. no that is just one of the two there is holden lion and Life. one is about the cars the other is about the lifestyle that a holde4n car brings both are total shit
  15. if you were a salesman, who would be flogging those with every car bought, they practically sit on most of their desks. but i guess the last time you went in the showroom was when daddy bought an SS.
  16. god dame it, you are subsribed for free with every new holden
  17. strange, i wasn't...and i didn't get the "courtesy flowers and keyring" either. aw well, i guess buying a Holden isn't all it cracked up to be...next stop: Ford.
  18. HOLDEN LIFESTYLE. What's that? BBQ's, burping, football and fat women?
  19. im really not sure ther is a lifestyle for 98% of Holden drivers, but for the other 2% that congregate at Bathurst, you have to be immensely retarded as a prerequisite.
  20. ok, all this bickering and bullshit..... does anyone have the media pictures?

    I cant seem to find them on the holden media site?
  21. when is Australia going to change their styling? how many hundreds of models does that same face appear on seriously?
  22. We don't buy/sell enough cars to go totally changing the styling/desing every couple of years. At least not at the prices they're at.
  23. Wait to till 2006-2007 for new holden and fords from Aus. Also wait till 2009 for a ford coupe.
  24. 2009 is a long way away, the Ford GT coupe will be here by then, thats for sure, so too even the Baby Bugatti lol...
  25. Hey danno and bugatti have a look at the latest issue of motor it specifically says this car is not road legal. I was correct.

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