HSV's Race Track Special: The GTSR

Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by GrimBeaver, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. Who said I was talking about race drivers?
  2. its a track-day car...people race them on tracks...therefore they are race drivers.
  3. Headache said that I think luxurious barges are fun, I said comfortable comes to mind. What does that have to do with people racing cars around tracks?
  4. are you honestly thinking they should do an interior on this car.
    This is Aimed at people who buy cars to race at tracks (a Track Special), not people who like air-con and leather "sports seats"
    it has a racing seat, a roll cage and switchgear that is actually useful on a race track.
  5. I'm well aware of all of that...what is your point?
  6. they don't have interiors...stop saying it should.
  7. I'm not? I said it once friggen 3-4 months ago, and later said in one of my posts

    "but I'm looking at it in the aspect of if its a car thats driveable on the street aswell, they would sell more if it had decent features and was comfortable, more people would be able to justify buying it as their street driven AND track driven car not just something they take to the track every 3 months"

    I was assuming it may have been streetable however I know now it obviously isn't streetable given it has a roll cage and doesn't comply with ADR's etc.
  8. The point is not every car in the world needs to have a comfortable interior. Especially cars meant for track or weekend use. When you have just flown around a bend at 120km/h what do you think would be going through your mind? Wow these racing seats just gave me unbelivable support and kept me dead centre of the seat through that whole turn. Or, I really do wish I was basking in the comfort of climate control and my seat was wide enough and leather so I could fit my unbelivably large arse in it and slide all over the place?

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