Huayra Crushing the Top Gear Test Track

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  2. It makes no noise. What happened to the eargasm that was the Zonda?
  3. Turbo vs NA
  4. This is an outrage! I demand an exhaust note.
  6. It's the base version, they're going to build it to something big.
  7. still, it's not like they are gonna remove the turbos.
  8. Indeed.I've seen a documentary on this car and they had a special custom exhaust made to make it sound better and louder but turbo's always muffle the sound.
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    I think we're also just used to high pitched screaming engines from supercars, which seem to come across much better in videos. I never thought the MP4-12C sounded that great in any videos, but it sounds great in person when you can feel the sound as well as hear it. I'm guessing the Huayra sounds more impressive in person. It's also sounded a lot louder in other videos I've seen, I guess it comes down to the mic setup too.

    For example, I like how it sounds from inside here:
  10. Sound or not, its an amazing machine. Over a second quicker than a V8 Atom! I dug the green one they had on display. Grey just seems like such a waste on a car like that. Also those LEDs look like pepboys add-ons, which is unfortunate.
  11. I'm sure there's still other things you can do like, tubi it or something.
  12. my thoughts exactly. it outperformed other high level supercars, including its predecessor, by a mile, so its fair to say pagani stepped up their game with the new machine. its also praised for being stable and the active aero being effective at speed, so the performance is also accessible to the usual buyer, unlike a zonda which is borderline race car responsive and a handful.
  13. This.
  14. This lap time is mind blowing. Note that the Huayra is not even 100hp more than the 599GTO but the lap time difference between the two is larger than the difference between the GTO and RS4!

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