Huayra on the track

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    If god and the devil himself created a car together it wouldn't be as wild, sexy, awesome, insane, "apocalptic" as a Zonda Cinque!!! What. A. Car!
  2. if this care were german or british you would've said otherwise
  3. And if you weren't obese you could actually sit in a Zonda

    I like the Koeniegsgseghggeegge - it's Swedish
    I like BMW's (I own one) - they are German (most of them)
    I like the GT-T it's Japanese

    The fact is that the most desirable car around - Ferraris, Lambos, Maseratis, Paganis are made in Italy is not my decision

    Have a nice day
  4. i cant help im obese. it;s in my genes.
  5. Thats what many fat people say when they search the nearest McDonalds on the sat nav.
  6. oh man mcdonalds shows up on sat nav?

    gotta get one of those
  7. New feature in the 458
  8. i prefer burger king
  9. the only thing the Pagani shares with italy is that its made there. all of its components come from elsewhere.
  10. the only thing the Pagani shares with italy is that its made there...

    Funniest post on ... ha ha thanks man...!!
  11. If I move to Italy and build a car there using British and American parts, will you like that car?
  12. If it has an italian name it will remain a sports car forever
    Just like the 458 italia
  13. I'll call it the 598 Bologna.
  14. No matter what you would build and where I doubt I'd like it, but why do you ask such a stupid question anyway?
  15. What would your reason for disliking it be?
  17. The reason is that I am not so sure that you could build a good supercar.
  18. Why?
  19. Very few can. It takes skills and funds, but I'd be happy to see you proving me wrong.

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