hummer h2 vs original

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    to the guy with the lifted truck---- yeah!!!!!!!!
  2. what would you rather have?

    for me its the original hummer.
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    The original hummer was intended for extreme off-road conditions. I think it should never be allowed on the street since it's so damn big and slow. 0-60 in 15 seconds with a top speed of 87! Pathetic for a road "car" no matter how you look at it. It seems like the H2 is angled a little bit more towards use by civilians. I'd get that one. Actually, i wouldn't get either cause they both suck, but if i were forced to get one i would opt for the H2.
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    it would be an original hummer for me. personally i love hummers. and who cares there about there 0-60 times. it wasnt mean for that. im sure its 0-60 time through a LAKE is quite impressive. and thats what its meant for. i have a lifted truck and even though its got well over 300hp its not fast 0-60. but id like to see you beat me in a race off-road, either that or id just run you over before the race started and then id beat you. moral of this story, hummers rock.
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    Neither. Neither of them are desgined for the type of off roading that I would personally want to do. They cannot hit the really bad ass sludge some call mud without popping a CV joint...nor can they rock crawl over 4 foot verticle ledges.
    Hummer's are NOT the ultimate off road vehicle. They were designed for traveling over rough terrain continously, for days at a time at "relative" high speed contrasted to most other land bound military vehicles. The M1 A whatever Abrams only tops out at the publically noted 45 MPH...though I am sure it probably hits upwards of 55.
    But, back on topic. Hummers are simply not made for road use, not are they intended for civilian off road use either. Give me the money that one would use to buy a brand new Hummer, and I could find a way to build a Flatfender Jeep to kick the Hummer's ass in any arena, or I could go simple, and buy a Heath Brigg's Scorpion MK IV I think it is with a 4 banger Cummins Diesel. The Scorpion will, and DOES kick the Hummer's ass in any arena bar -one-: Explosive protection in stock form. The Scorpion is faster, has a much stronger, and safer suspension system, can be equipped to ford as deep, and deeper than the Humvee. Yet, it is CHEAPER...and hand made. Go figure. With the cash I save by buying a Scorpion, I'll get sheetmetal put on and woila, a badass vehicle.
    Suck on that.
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    o ya well of course i would rather have the scorpion for off road. that thing is bad ass. but you have to admit hummer are awsome. i heard, and correct me if im wrong, that when we went to war with iraq that every single hummer sent over there came back running. although i love the scorpion i dont think it could do that. hummers are durible. well at least the old hummers. im not so sure about the h2.
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    the origianal hummer is much better
    there is a concept with the vortec 8100
    thats sweet
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    Don't ever compare a Jeep to a HUMVEE!!! We all know that Jeeps suck unless you add a ton of mods... The Scorpion I would have to agree about though. Go find Team McPhearson's website and ask them, seeing as they are the king of off-roading.
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    what is the hummer? stock fools you can't compare anyother modified off road anything. the only thing that comes close is the european war machine the g500 but doesn't compare by much
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    it is a injust comparison because the original hum was submited to high, extreme. difficul, hardest roads to be used by USAF (united states army forces) in wars as Gulf War, etc. and the h2 is a specie of hummer moer calm, soft, low in the rockroads.
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    i would get the h2 cause it was desinged a little more for civillians.
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    designed for civilians. what??????? do you need your royal behind in comfort while going through the trails. you are an iiiiiiiiiddddddddddiiiiiiiooooooooootttt stupid fool
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    H2 all the waY!!!!!!
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    i would have to go with the origional hummer. It's biggest appeal to me, was the fact that it was supposed to go anywhere, and that nothing can stop it... Now they have tried to tame the wild beast with the H2...... for road going purposes in mind for most of your driving, a Hummer would definatley not be my frist choice. If you need it for off roading grab the older hummer, but if your gonna drive everyday on the road, and seldom take the trails, grab yourself an X5 4.6 instead of the H2. <!-- Signature -->
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    old one cuz it was sooooooo much cooler cuz the new ones have less
    bhp then my family car but i wouldn't really mind but if they both costed the same i wouldn't care but i prefer the old ones
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    i seen so many original hummers make me wanna own one
    been in one as well
    Hummers are sweet no matta how slow they go
    gotta lot of space n fo me
    Original would be my pick
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    anybody that likes the H2 cuz its more civilized is a retard. a hummer aint supposed to be civilized. u r the ppl that are ruining trucks for all the real offroaders/truckers.
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    h1 looks better

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