Hundreds Held Hostage in Russia School

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  1. Just started reading about this, wow. Three major terrorist events in Russia in one week.

    Some different quotes from various news sites...

    Attackers wearing suicide-bomb belts seized a school in a Russian region bordering Chechnya on Wednesday and were holding hundreds of hostages, reportedly including 200 children.

    The seizure began after a ceremony marking the first day of the Russian school year, reports said, when it was likely that many parents had accompanied their children to the school. The attackers warned they would blow up the school, which covers grades 1-11, if police tried to storm it and forced children to stand at the windows, said Alexei Polyansky, a police spokesman for southern Russia.

    Gunfire broke out after the school raid and at least three teachers and two police officers were wounded, Polyansky said. More gunfire and several explosions were heard about three hours later, the Interfax news agency reported.

    Polyansky said most of the attackers were wearing suicide bomb belts.

    The attackers demanded talks with regional officials and a well-known pediatrician, Leonid Roshal, who had aided hostages during the seizure of a Moscow theater in 2002, news reports said.

    The hostage-takers at the school demanded the release of fighters detained over a series of attacks on police facilities in neighboring Ingushetia in June.

    Up to 150 pupils, parents and teachers are still being held at the secondary school in Beslan, North Ossetia.This number was higher, but the attackers have released some children, and some escaped after hiding in a boiler room.

    BBC News quotes a source as saying at least two civilians are dead, one a father that was dropping off his child and confronted the attackers, and another person who was caught in an exchange of fire between the attackers and security forces.
  2. I hope this turns out OK, hopefully the fact that so many children are involved will temper the actions of the security forces and attackers. I would really hate to see another tragedy like at the Moscow theater.
  3. The attackers keep putting children in the windows to keep snipers and surviellance at bay, and have threatend to blow up the school if it is assaulted.

    Here's a couple small pics from the BBC.

  4. No one seems to care about Russia
  5. Its a horrible thing, if i was Putin, I can garuntee that Chechnya(spelling) would be blown to dust. As unfair as it sounds, it equally unfair to have those rebels running around thinking they will get away with it.
  6. This is the fault of the countries who have backed down. The Phillipines and Spain are directly to blame.

    Isn't it obvious? The Chechnyans had been "relatively" quiet....but now that they've seen the success of kidnapping/killing innocent civilians, they brought it to the forefront.
  7. They should just gas the place like they did in that concert hall or whatever it was.
  8. Putin's still got some nukes laying around. Time to see if they still work.
  9. They would have probaly done it even if the Spanish didnt pull out of Iraq, They have been doing it for years.

    And what success have the Chechnyans had against the Russians?
  10. wtf does Iraq have to do with this?
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    Chechnyan hostage taking history

    I don't know much about the situation, but when elections were held recently, Russian authorities said there was an 85% turnout, and yet a Russian backed polititian was put into power. Independent observers said the polls were practically empty. It's not suprising that these sort of things are happening, but that should not lessen the event.
  12. Yeah, that killed like 125 people.
  13. there are 10 ppl dead, we don't know whether these are kids or russian soldiers.
  14. on the news all i heard is it was confirmed 1 parent was killed
  15. They should use that gas again, except this time actually have the antidote shots on hand.
  16. I wouldn't trust that #$%#ed up commie gas. I bet it would kill more kids the terrorists. Also, I bet that they'd blow themselves up before the gas gets to them.
  17. what kinda sick freaks take a @#$%ing elementary school hostage....
  18. As asshole as this sounds, if I were to take some hostages, this is the way I'd do it.
  19. I thought this already ended with like 100 people and kids being killed after they used gas and raided the place.
  20. You are a amazing asian.
  21. in theory, they've improved the gas by now, to not kill anyone who isn't in perfect health like it did last time. if so, maybe they will use it.
  22. Or they could just sacrific the kids in the window.....
  23. they need a stun beam weapon to stun the entire building.
  24. There is a good deal of communication at this point, the attackers are calling for all Russian troops to leave Chechnya and a release of prisoners.

    From the BBC

    "Officials contacted the hostage-takers who refused to allow food and water to be brought in, Russian media reports."

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