Hundreds Held Hostage in Russia School

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  1. But thats not it. Since the split of the union, there have been other groups wanting the same thing.. except they havnt gone as the Chechens have. If Chechnya succeeds, whats stopping the other groups from doing similar acts?
    But thats not the point, even if its JUST Chechnya that wants this, what right do they have to start a revolution? Its not their land. Just because some crazy-ass muslims want something and use force to act on it, does not mean Russia should lose their land over it. Oh, also, if any state in the union tried to do shit like what Chechnya is doing, we all know what the US government would do... (think of a second Navada, but without Las Vagas)
  2. No country can just allow parts of itself to break off when it wants to. If that were to happen, all of the larger countries, and even some of the smaller ones, would start to fragment into unstable mini-states.
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  9. which is why they should declare marshal law for a week, sweep through, and kill all rebels of any faction
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  11. This is a good example of why Bush is at least trying to do somthing about terrorism. Peace tlaks do not work on people like htis. sad but true. you cant negotiate with someone who hates you for what you are.
    Indeed a terrible tragedy and my heart goes out to those affected.
  12. The whole “gun culture” is a lot of anti-American Eurotrash bullshit spewed by ignorant ass people like yourself. The fact that airsoft is so popular in the UK is a clear indication that someone would be buying firearms if they were offered for sale there.

    Sure the US has some crime, we’ve also got a considerably larger population than the UK. Not to point fingers but African Americans account for 13% of the total US population but account for 80% of the prison population. Call in economic situation, education, or just no common sense, but it’s clear that the ethnic makeup of the US has a huge impact on our crime rate.

    You say gun related murder is low but what about murder in general. I don't care if you are bashing peoples heads in with a pipe murder is muder.
  13. The Russians didn’t do anything wrong. These guys had already killed a rather larger amount of people in their initial attack and weren’t letting food, water or medication to get into the building. Russian, like any intelligent country, isn’t going to give into the irrational demands of the terrorists because in doing so you just encourage more attacks. The longer this situation drags on the more likely it is more people will die. At some point you have to cut your losses and storm the building and save as many people as you possibly can lest they all die if you do nothing.

    The actions take by the Russians is the EXACT same action that the US, Great Britain, Australia, and any other intelligent country would have taken under those circumstances. The only thing the Russians could have done better would have been to keep the families further back from the building to lessen the chance that they would get in the way when it became time to start the attack.
  14. Yes, thats right Drift King, people in the UK playing Airsoft is a clear indication that we all want guns at home ... almost all of those people who play Airsoft/paintball/whatever want to turn up at work with a gun in their briefcase. I can't beleive I didn't realise it before now. 'tard.

    My point was you brought up a topic in this thread which was nothing to do with the original post, you just felt the need to try (and fail) to prove your superiority through guns.

    Your argument was that many attempts at violent crime in the US are stopped because the 'victims' are allowed to arm themselves and fight back, therefore reducing the amount of violent crime that is actually 'completed'. And this makes the good old US of A better than all of the 'Eurotrash' countries who's citizens don't feel the need to arm themselves.

    The hole in your argument is that the amount of violent crime in Eurotrash land is not that high (sure there are certain areas or even certain months where it is a significant figure for a short time).
    But if we don't have all of these violent criminals to fight off with our guns ... what is the point ?

    Guns for self defense is fair enough, if thats what people want then go for it. But when people don't want it or feel that they need it you are just creating a non-argument.

    I guess it's round about now you rush off onto the internet a bring back a load of pie charts with normalised figures and trends on them
    I've seen them before - but I live in Eurotrash land and there very very few people shouting about how they feel the need to own guns.
  15. Thankyou messiah for graceing us with your indepth knowledge of Swat tactics and terrorist negotiations. We are in awe of your understanding and obvious inside knowledge of a situation that we are only able to see on the news channels, but you obviously have extra information on, evidently passed onto you by your friends in the FSB. I didnt realise you worked in the intelligence community, because for us civilians, making such a bold and outlandish statement at such are early time would just look foolish.
  16. Maybe, but I'm sure if the Russians were going to attack they would have liked a bit of time to co-ordinate it properly.
    All reports say that an attack on a vehicle which was collecting bodies from the compound forced them to go in sooner than they were really ready for.

    But the fact that there were bodies there for collection meant an attack by the Russians would have happened sooner or later.
  17. Do you have any clue what is going on in Chechnya every day, especially population centers? Russian troops are the law. It has been a war zone for years. Both sides are responsible for numerous atrocities.

    And it's "martial", not "marshal".
  18. I agree.
    No amount of planning ornegotiating would have changed the outcome of htis tragedy. Not according to how it is being reported. These terrorists made an example out of htose hostages, and I have strong belief that they intended for it to end this way.
  19. these are the same people who are targeting hospitals. they dont care
  20. You really seem to know jack shit. Last time I checked Germany was part of Europe and its gun laws are going in 180 degree different direction than those of the UK. Germany recently repealed gun laws that prohibited ownership of military style firearms and their population of 2,400,000 gun owners is growing at a stead rate with 20% of them being women.

    Personally I don’t carry my pistol. But it’s nice to know that I legally can do so if I want to. I live in a safe area of the city and there is less need. If I were in hostile and violent area such as the Middle East you better believe I’d be packing. The Saudi government said any foreigner who feels the need for protection is welcome to carry a weapon in light of recent attacks in their country.

    In my own area of 3,300,000+ people the city of Poquoson, which is mostly inhabited by rednecks, has the highest firearm ownership rate in the 7 city area. But they have the lowest murder rate too. In fact since 1982 the ONLY firearm murder that has been committed in their city was by a police officer who 2 years ago killed his wife before blowing his brains out.

    The entire Euro-trash (and liberal) argument against gun ownership is that normal people instantly become murders because a weapon is available to them. Of course like all liberal (and European) arguments there are absolutely ZERO facts to support this claim. The average murderer in the US is an individual with multiple prior arrests typically for a violent or drug crime. The vast majority of weapons recovered are illegal in origin either stolen, or illegally imported. Yet European countries with high firearm ownership rates such as the Scandinavia countries don’t have a problem. Don’t give me some bullshit that they are for military use. Because the argument is that easy access to firearms instantly creates murderers and walking into your basement and retrieving your service pistol is easy access.

    A great example of who commits murders in the US is reflected in an incident this year in Virginia Beach. A guy in a drug deal gone bad gets in a shoot out and accidentally kills a college student walking across the street. The judge releases him on bond pending his trial. 3 months later he’s back dealing drugs and shoots two police officers. Why on earth would you let a drug dealing murderer out of bail?
  21. OK, I started my argument with the UK, you started with the Eurotrash, I admit I shouldn't have used it in my second post, but you turned this from a US compared to UK argument into a US vs Euro one.

    A statement like "Of course like all liberal (and European) arguments there are absolutely ZERO facts to support this claim" means I'm not going to waste my time discussing this with someone as arrogant and ignorant as you.

    If my house was burgled and they stole, say the TV - I am not going to shot someone, potentially fataly wounding them over a 32" Philips widescreen.
    Now if they were attacking my family thats a different matter, but it's also a split second decision, in the dark ...

    Letting a drug dealing murderer out on bail is a pretty tenous link to an argument about members of the public carrying guns.

    Finally, I never said anything about military use, where did that come from ?
  22. Every time you type "euro-trash" your stupidity reveals itself.
    What are you jealous you are not european??
  23. Why does The Drift King get to post his retarded anti non american crap, but when i give him some of his own medicine, my post is moderated?
  24. You two should go argue this by PM and let this thread stay on track.

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