Hyundai 2008 Spirra S

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  1. it's got the best warranty is the business, 10 years/100k miles.... go huyandayay!
  2. Brick on wheels eater.
  3. Hyundai just keeps getting better. What a world we live in!
  5. hypercars are the 200+ exotics with insane power. a supercar can be much slower as long as it is somewhat special. this is beyond an ordinary sportscar but not quite a hypercar (think Veyron)
  6. Supercars are stuff like Enzos, CGTs, SLRs, etc.

    Hypercar = Veyron
  7. not necessarily.
    slower vehicles have been called supercars before. Look in any book about them youll find things like Lotus Esprit and Venturi Atlantique. these are supercars, but not the upper tier like an enzo. why is this even debateable on a site where so many cars are already called supercars despite being slow?
  8. Unfortunately, everyone has varying definitions with varying criteria, so calling something a supercar, hypercar, ultracar, ubercar, etc means very little.

    For example, I'm not so sure I'd call a Veryron a hypercar - it's much too plush for that.
  10. i remember a similar thread (many of them) discussing this same question.

    most times the same result was somewhat agreed on.

    Sports car - Supra, celica, skyline...
    Super car - 360 modena, gallardo, esprit...
    hyper car - F50, enzo, mclaren f1...
  11. Well, I'm impressed
  12. holy shit i LOVE this
  13. That's how I define it. Hypercars are those limited number cars that top a companies shelves.
  14. I really like it. The Koreans are really starting to get it!

    I saw a Genesis with very light camo on today and at first I thought it was like a new S Class or something else far more expensive than the Genesis.
  15. exactly. this isnt a normal sportscar. Its a bit above that, even for a Korean car.
  16. doesn't a modern supercar need to be able to break 200mph?
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    this car will do 190 mph currently. thats pretty good for a Korean.

    Also, theres this 600 hp version in the works that can keep up with a Murcielago and will do 330 km/h

  18. christ that's hot
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  20. it's a hyundai, therefore it will be shit.
  22. It looks and probably IS awesome.
    They should do something like make a sub brand for image cars like this.

    It just wouldn't feel right driving around with a Hyundai badge on the front.
  23. Profile reminds me of a Venturi. I like Venturi.
  24. Venturi/Tiburon

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