Hyundai 2008 Spirra S

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  1. it looks a lot like Zelder Escape 6 in profile as well.
  2. That sounds amazing.

    That WILL be a supercar.
  3. it already Is. they built one. I posted vids above.
  4. This came to immediately to mind, but after Photoshopping a comparison I was wrong.
  5. it's hyundai. expect a interior worse than a corvette and steering worse than a pontiac aztek
  6. More powerful than 50 Archons combined! Superior acceleration with traction matching that of a Siege Tank! Skid trap agility exceeds even Zergling standards! Guaranteed to leave you wanting more pylons.
  7. I can see it forwards of the front wheel.

    More like an F355 from the side in profile.
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    Interior needs some help, but seats look good. The steering and handling would probably be ok if it is developed from racing the car.

    Here is a vid of a racing version.I just found it on the web, maybe Innotech or someone else knows more about its competition involvement.

  9. HAHAHA, I really like this car, and it's not too bad (though at 100 grand, I imagine the GT-R might be appealing) but the logo on the steering wheel.
  10. This is fully sikk, BUT IMO they should have made a mass market vehicle. If they'd made a new MR2 instead of trying to make a "supercar", imagine how many they could sell? That would give Hyundai even more street cred, halo effect, blah blah. If it were cheap they might even sell a lot of them. This is cool, but no one will pay that kinda money for one.
  11. I'd buy/drive.
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  15. I see more 355 than 360.
  16. im shocked. i like it. i'd buy it if the price was right. oh yeah, and if i had that kind of money.

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