Hyundai Tiburon at SEMA

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  1. K-Daddy’z Kustomz has taken Hyundai’s sporty Tiburon to the extreme in this daring project car, which earned Dunlop’s “Best Sport Compact Car” award. After chopping off the top, Kyle “K-Daddy” Gann added Lamborghini doors, hand-formed steel rear tonneau cover by SP Fabrication, custom body kit by Shark racing, and then coated it all in show-stopping green three-tone paint. Inside are Catskin leather-covered seats, Shark Racing instrument cluster, and audio/video system by Audiobahn Audio. For added performance, it benefits from a RIPP Modifications supercharger, Shark Racing exhaust, Nitrous Express nitrous kit, B&G coilovers, and Rotora Big brakes. This feisty coupe rides on 19-inch Racing Hart wheels wrapped in Dunlop SP Sport 9000 tires.
  2. Theres one way to put a good amount of money to waste...
  3. Well that's...different. I like the green, but I don't know about the whle chop-top idea.
  4. how? look at all the mods. its not a ricer, cause it has lots of engine mods, and it looks awsome.
  5. Wheels are nice.
  6. "lamborghini doors"

    what a crock of shit...i bet they're not proper scissor doors. LIKE ON LAMBORGHINIS
  7. Hey, I got Dunlop SP Sport 9000 tires. Didn't know they were supposed to be good.
  8. It looks like shit. Sure it has under hood mods, but all the bs added to the car will weigh it down, not to mention its a friggen Tiberon! FWD = No.
    If its really necessary to modify a tiberon, strip it down to loose as much weight as possible, and do all suspension and power mods, nothing for "show."
  9. I started laughing when I saw "K Daddyz" or whatever
  10. Why are the letters K and Z so cool? Exchanging said letters for c's and s's does not made you bad. It makes you an assbag.
  11. Well, since you like drag racing, I guess that is your point of view. I like cars with a good looks, a full interior, and lots of engine modifications. Front wheel drive, all wheel drive, rear wheel drive, it's all fine with me. As long as it has what I like in it. In this particular case, it has everything I like.
  12. Holy cow is that ugly, they shouldn't have made it a convertible, it isn't that kind of car.
  13. They have done alot to this car, ill give them that, but I dont like there sombody that can enlighten me on what makes hyundai good?
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    Whether i like drag racing or not doesnt effect my point of view. I like cars with good looks too, but good looks dont consist of an extremely flashy and ugly paint job, and a ugly crop top. And like i said all the weight added from the useless crap is going to hinder the perfomance, so whats the point of the engine mods if your not going to use them to the full potential? Youve never driven a car before have you? If your doing any kind of racing its much preferable to have RWD or AWD, FWD sucks in just about every way. I still wont even buy a FWD car even as a daily driver...

    Why didnt you post this monstrosity?
  15. Price. And more recently, build quality.
  16. Sweet car, the 'vert really makes it look sharp.
  17. other than the questionable (read: horrific) paintjob, that Tiburon actually looks sort of...attractive. Paint it flat dark blue with no graphics and then youve got something.
  18. Stock Tiburons don't look all that bad.
  19. Still a ricer, those decals need to go. It just looks like a ripoff of Paul Walker's GSX in the 1st FnF.
  20. There are no decals, that's paint.
  21. personally i wouldnt spend a lot of money tuning a tiburon
  22. That thing has show car engine mods.

    "oh look, i got a supercharger and a nitrous kit and a cat-back!"

    Cool, douchebag, but you overloaded it with stereo equipment and slowed it down some more with those 19" boat anchors that you call wheels.
  23. well, yeah, the wheels, i'd take 'em down to 18 inchers, and the stereo, well, i don't really care about the stereo in any car.
  24. repaint it in 1 color and it's ok
  25. There are a few cool Tiburons out there. The ones run for Hyundai by Libra Racing in SCCA ProRally Open Class that is<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>. I wouldn't mind one of those without a racing livery as a sleeper<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>.

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