I always root for bad guys in movies

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by CMG, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. Yeah I had a discussion the other day with a friend and both he and I always root for the bad guys in movies. The so called good guys almost always come off as goodie two shoes.

    Is anyone else like me?

    Perhaps you who are of a different mindset could come up with examples where you simply cannot root for the bad guys?
  2. only examples i can come up with are when the good guys go on murderous revenge rampages and may as well be the bad guys but you don't care because sometimes you like seeing everyone get destroyed with little obstacle or resistance.
  3. no wait, i was on wall-e's side the whole time
  4. Oh I just thought of Office Space. In that movie I root for the good guys, i.e. the criminals.
  5. 'The Departed' was pretty awesome.

  6. It depends I guess. Sometimes you can understand the motivations of the "bad guy" and are able to sympathise with them for that reason, but then you can't root for them because they are going about it the wrong way (eg, killing a tonne of people).

    Other times you have a bad guy who is just some #$%#ing cool/awesome/funny or whatever, and you want them to win, even if they are utterly evil as #$%#.
  7. i kind of wanted to see what things the guy from no country for old men would do next
  8. I rooted for the bad guy in Swordfish (John Travolta). He was bad ass with a TVR and #%!@es.
  9. killer soul patch
  10. Hell yeah dude i agree like Scar is awesoem Mufasa totally deserved to get stomped lol BE PREPARED
  11. Not necessarily root for them but they can be interesting characters or just played very well like Javier bardem as Anton chigurgh
  12. And the best bad guy, Darth Vader (from 4,5,and 6, of course).
  13. I like how Tarantino always blurs the difference between bad guys and good guys.
  14. ya I like a good badguy wins twist

    - Desperate Measures was a corny 90's movie that I liked for this reason.
    - Primal Fear
    - Seven
    - The Usual Suspects

  15. This is what Pulp Fiction excels at more so than any other movie.
  16. Pulp Fiction always blows my mind, especially when they list the Kill Bill characters.

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