I am drunk and going to smoke pot

Discussion in 'Wheelman's Website Forum' started by Gemballa, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. in like 20minutes
    bUt I dont know how to come back and check replys made by you loosers
    I seriously rule
  2. You must be really cool.
  3. I want to meet you
  4. I smoked weeed once, and I shot my friend because I thought guns are cool or something. I didn't really understand the message, because what I was doing didn't really apply to the average pot smoker. Also, when going to a generic fast food restaurant drive-thru, I ran over a kid because I was "high".
  5. Have fun dealing with the lows
  6. Gemballa should be the next president of U.S.A., not Bush/Kerry.
  7. This is a great plan.

    Yah see, its always interesting to see how it effects you. Some times you just feel extra special drunk. Some times you feel more high, but its always a good time all-round.
  8. I was drunk when I tried weed, didn't feel much different nor act any different then normal/drunk.
  9. it makes hole in your brain
  10. it makes holes in your brain
  11. What’s the difference between a drunk and a stoner?
    A drunk drives through the stop sign; a stoner waits for it to turn green.
  12. Gemballa should do lines next.
  13. I did the same thing yesterday, Duvel + excellent pot
  14. I heard if you smoke after drinking (the same night) you wont have a hangover in the morning, but I wouldnt know, I know had a hangover in my life, LAWL!
  15. You heard stupid.
  16. Mama said stupid is what stupid does.
  17. Well that's wrong. You just tend to drink less when you're smoking pot too.
  18. personally i wouldnt say so..

    i rarely ever have hang overs anyway, and if i do all it consists of is not feeling like doing anything at all

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