I am eating carrot cake

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. it is my favorite cake, cheese cake is a close second. Past that I don't much like cake, maybe a little tiramisu, I prefer pie.
  2. for your situational awareness, i just ate some ice cream with ground espresso sprinkled on it.

    consider yourself advised
  3. This is a solid choice, what flavor of ice cream?
  4. vanilla, my wife made it
  5. If I were Harka i'd tell you to eat some off of her breasts later.
  6. yes, and then you'd make comments about how the best ice-cream comes from a small town on a mountain in europe that he goes to on weekends but also in china because green-tea ice cream maybe

    then he'd call me stupid and give me some wiki-facts about something
  7. i had cheese. it was very sharp.
  8. I respect these dessert choices. Thread approved.
  9. Fun fact: cheesecake is not actually cake
  10. They dont think it be like it is, but it do.

    seriously wtf is it then?
  11. Pie/custard

    Also lol because I use that quote all the time
  12. Correct. It's custard pie. Corks fails as usual.
  13. Why is it not called cheese custard then?
  14. Because consistency is not humanity's strong suit. It may have been named at a time when cakes were more en vogue than pies.
  15. Well then you must understand my confusion in considering it a cake, kind sir.

    Don't be a pedant.
  16. How could you prefer carrot cake to Schwarzwald cake or Sacher cake?
  17. I actually have to agree with corks. Carrot cake with cream cheese icing is winning at life.
  18. I could eat it and then die.
  19. Is that why you like it so much corks?
  20. You're the one who calls people names here

    Also suck my fat tits maybe
  21. maybe, but probably not
  22. dutch apple pie
  23. Not really. It has NONE of the traits cakes almost universally have. It even has a crust, and not a bread crust, a PIE crust.
  24. love carrot cake with pineapple and a cream cheese icing ...

    if were talking last meal scenario ... I would probably go with homemade apple pie and vanilla ice cream ..
  25. carrot cake is pretty fantastic. my mum makes a great one.

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