I am probobly going to do this...

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    when they come to Monterey. My dad is actually going to do it (because of age restrictions) and I will be the passenger. Looks like it is a lot of fun, but I would have liked to see a Murci and a CGT.

  2. Is that that cheesy crap you see advertised in the magazines? Drive a semi-exotic for like an hour?
  3. shut up you rich #%$
  4. It is a lot better than that... you get to drive full on exotics back to back for 30 miles each.
  5. I thought you were going to cease being a rich showoff #%[email protected]
  6. Still no word on the rapings?
  7. A carnival ride for people with more brains than moeny.
  8. 430s and gallardos arent full on exotics

    30 miles will go by in like 20 minutes
  9. It isn't that expensive... plus, a lot of members here do racing school, ect. Not to mention that this has to do with supercars, and we are supercars.net.
  11. You're right, anyone witha Visa can do it. It's probably the most highly controlled ride you'll ever take, assuming you even can.
  12. Racing school is learning how to drive, not a carnival for rich people*

    *I don't think it matters if someone with money wants to spend money in a different way than you AMGurlz.
  13. Controlled? The let you use the sreets, and no one is sitting next to you. I am sure you could even listen to your own music.
  14. You honestly think they'd just let anyone with a mere fraction of what these cars are worth just drive off into the city unattended in some whay? Yeah...
  15. Yeah... but is's like the mini racing track in the carnival, which is still very fun and rewarding.
  16. I do, but I don't doubt that you are probobly followed at all times, a credit check is done, and there is GPS tracking.
  17. PROBABLY, you #$%#ing retard.

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