I am really liking the evolution of this car...

Discussion in '2010 Ferrari 458 Italia' started by godhainder, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Have you noticed the side profile? Really reminiscent of the Enzo at a mere fraction the cost. Ditto for performance. I tremble at the thought of an Enzo successor!
  2. This car is gorgeous, and fast.... Probably my favorite post F-40 ferrari thus far. It's like a detuned Enzo, that actually looks good.
  3. Looks nice, but still way prefer the 360. Right below the side window is a odd intersection of lines, as well as the strange rear light treatment. Like the Enzo, looks more like heavy on the go fast-lighter on the look beautiful. Like the new front end alot though.
  4. i think this looks pretty good from the front/side view, but the back is ugly, why did they put those huge lights so far up. i like the back of the 360 the best, and the front of the f430. it will take me a while to get used to this
    in terms of performace though!! this will kick all it's rival's butts. 570 hp in an entry leval ferrari!!! ferrari usualy dont put that much hp in there cars. i think this will be better then the zr1,lp560,future mclaren p11, porsche gt2, everything!
  5. awesome this car is awesome
    i like it
    the performance is amazing
    0-60 3.3!
    great supercar
  6. looks: 430>458
    Everything Else: 430
  7. this car really is completely new, the f430 was basicly a 360 made better
  8. looks good? no. looks like crap compared to most other ferraris, the front looks like someone pried it open with a crow bar. the back looks like they were going to add something on, but just gave up and slapped a big misplaced taillight on instead. the only thing i do like is the overall shape from the top view.
    hopefully this evolution of ferrari is scrapped immediately and they apologize
    (then they make a car to rival f40/f50, hehe i want more of that greatness)
  9. i didnt like the look of this when i first saw it, but ive seen the pic alot of times now and it actualy looks great! this car will own all of its rivals(nissan gtr, corvette zr1,lamborghini lp560, porsche 911 gt2)
  10. wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.
  11. you are an idiot.
  12. Wait, I put a typo on my last post in this topic, I meant to say that the F430 looks better, but the 458 is better in every other way.
  13. big time
  14. i like the back but the front is very un-ferrari like.
  15. Thank god this doesn't look like the Enzo or F430 or any other Ferrari as a matter of fact...

    Ferrari wanted to make this car unique in its own way and I'm pretty sure they have done just that

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