I bought a bucket seat for GT4

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Blitzschnell, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. $40 off a buddy of mine. My setup is going to kick major ass once the steering wheel & pedals come in.
  2. I was actually going to do the same with one of those cheap APC seats but when I heard online play was removed from the game I decided against it.
  3. looks like your ready
  4. I heard they were planning on adding online play sometime down the road after the game is released? Either way, I probably wouldn't have done it unless I got an awesome deal on a seat, which I did.
  5. Whats the GT4 specific wheel called?
  6. Just go to a scrap yard and get an old front seat from something sporty. I doubt they'd ask for too much.
  7. I have a Porsche 944 seat in my room. it's better.
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  9. You need to get a helmet and fire suit. Without them, the gaming experience will suck.
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  11. either way. GT4's lack of real-world physics will make it suck.
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  13. I remember seeing a steering wheel sold that actually had a somewhat realistic clutch, I think it was analog. Even though that's not part of GT4 that would be amazing.
  14. You do know thye got premade ones..........either ways i was thinking about doing a sweet thing like that but my budge was 2 TVs and 2 PS2 too Short. Either ways i got he money now.
  15. i heard wheels suck for GT games
  16. You should put a Tenzo-R sticker on it.
  17. thats getting way to into a videogame
  18. OMG, what are you talknig [email protected]$? OMG.

  19. you heard wrong
  20. I'd love to get one for my steering wheel setup, but I would just end up putting it in my car.
  21. Make sure to get a nice decent 5.1 setup because the sounds in GT4 are off the hizook!
  22. Make sure you have someone with a fire extinguisher standing above you, to wave a yellow flag and spray you when you crash. Saftey first.
  23. If I could I'd get a Ferrari F355 Challenge arcade setup with the bucket seat, shifter, clutch and speakers beside the top of the seat, along with the 2 peripheral vision screens. It would be awesome but the seat is pretty stiff so you'd actually have to change drivers in an endurance race.
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