I burned a blue-ray movie today

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by countdown, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. Yes but the vast majority of sets are not going to be "proper" setups and to those people, BD isnt going to be a huge improvement. Nonetheless, BD is the future only because progress never stops. BD holds more data, and eventually [Its already happening] DVDs wont have enough capacity for advanced programs. If BD hasnt dominated the movie market by that point, it will certainly do it then.
  2. spyders gonna come in here and pwn our assholes for even writing these truths.
  3. Only because I insulted his favorite movie.

    Also, now that my parents have this jumbotron in their basement, instead of going to my apartment, grocery shopping, doing laundry, I just end up watching TV at their place most weekdays. So now I'm limiting myself to watching Jeopardy, Burn Notice, and Rock of Love bus. Yes, these are my favorite shows and I could write essays about why each one of them is great. Anyway, that still seems like a lot of TV, like 5 hours a week. But jeopardy doesn't really count because its not about passive entertainment, its about making everyone in the room feel dumb and dominating them so they know you're the smartest mother#$%#er in the world.

    Also, rock of love bus is awesome.
  4. Did you compare a true HD movie to a DVD version of the same movie?

    Put in the Planet Earth BluRay and then watch the DVD version. Night and day.
  5. No, because I don't actually care.
  6. 22" inch CRT TV crew sign in
  7. pretty sad that good CRT's have such good picture quality compared to new tech <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  8. Right back to them being $35-$40 and the free shipping almost never includes to Canada. Blue ray will crash just like the mini disc.
  10. i feel bad for hddvd

  11. The apathy of our youth is what is wrong with our world today
  12. seriously, not to mention the fact that some blu-rays dont look very good because they did not properly adopt them into the format. for instance 28 days later actually looks worse on blu-ray because they did a shitty job putting it on the format, and the camera used for the movie was not capable of 1080p so a sloppy port and shitty camera = worse than the DVD.

    only about half the movies ive seen on blu-ray are actually as good as i expect.

    if you want a guaranteed good disc, check out a disney movie. and in a few years they all discs will look nicer.

    the first DVD's didnt look nearly as good as even the worst looking ones look now.
  13. which is exactly how 28 days later was meant to be, and someone who buys that on blue rays is a moran.
  15. Its two completely different situations.

    Anyone with a TV could take advantage of a DVD player. Blu Ray on the other hand only appeals to consumers who also have a costly (relative) HDTV.

    Plus you're like 15 years old and only remember when your parents finally bought a DVD player from the Canadian Discount Store and not when DVD players actually came out.

    And if you can't tell the difference between Blu Ray & DVD than perhaps you should go get your eyes checked. There was a notable sharpness & color difference between by Blu Ray player and my Pioneer up converting DVD player.
  16. Out here in the summer it's flip flops and a wife beater on the CBR600RR
  17. I like VHS.
  18. If you dont think you can tell the difference, watch a blu ray movie, then straight afterwards, put on a normal dvd.
  19. The whole point is that you have to do that to tell the difference. Since I don't watch movies side by side on different DVD players and TVs, its not going to make a huge fUcking difference to me.
  20. I think you're just getting old, grandpa.
  21. I can tell the difference ten times out of ten even without direct comparison.

    The audio/visual difference is astounding.
  22. No its not. Yeah, maybe you can tlel the difference, whatever. But it still is a pretty marginal difference and it doesn't really enhance it that much. I watch TV most of the time on a 27" CRT and it really doesn't take away from the experience, if you can call TV watching an experience.
  23. can you tell the difference btwn 28 days later on blue rays vs dvd?

  24. I can tell about 40% of the time.


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