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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by catphish, Jan 9, 2011.

  2. a civic would suit that engine better
  3. just as awful as a ls engine in an mx-5.
  4. too much turksteer
  5. Haters gonna hate.
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  7. Yeah, because there's no meaningful difference between a 250hp 2.5L I4 and a 250hp 6L V8. Sure thing bogan.
  8. lovers gonna love
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  10. this
  11. lol long time no see. still lurking, eh?
  12. now we need ebonix back as well.
  13. You thought someone went to all that trouble just to keep horsepower THE SAME?
  14. I'm not talking about an LSx retard, I'm explaining to that Aussie convict that just shoving an oversized truck engine into a real sports car and shouting YEEEEEEHAWWWWW doesn't make it better.
  15. And that's why hp/l is important? because it lets you pick out an oversized truck engine?
  16. I don't even want, none of the above...

    I wanna piss on you.
  17. No, the bright red engine cover is all I need to see that.
  18. It had pretty dece game
    til it killed the game
  19. *all over her face
  20. Just happened to pass through for my once a month look.
  21. needs a Saab 2 stroke
  22. There isnt.

    What exactly is the pro of having a 250hp from a 2.5L engine, if it weighs almost the same as a 5.7L engine putting out 400hp?

    ZOMG, it has better fuel economy!
    Other than that, it offers nothing else.

    Only an ignorant snotty-nosed wanker would quote his hp/L like it actually matters outside of racing series that requires an engine size limit..
  23. you should stick to putting ugly seats in old cars instead of anything involving reading

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