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  1. "hes right, I better attack something else about him that has no relation to the conversation at hand"
  2. youd have a point if you were right
  3. "hes right again, I better just claim I'm right without backing it up, then I will probably just keep avoiding giving proper answer, because I dont have one, then tell him hes too un-cultured to understand, and leave the conversation."
  4. does it have a 4wd swap?
  5. all over her face
    alver heface
    aver hefa
    ar hef
  6. "im too dumdum to read something correctly so will continue to claim in right until someone holds my hand and shows me"
  7. thanks for proving my last post.
  8. Better fuel economy, less space occupied, and less weight aren't at all advantages under any circumstance. Huge-as-**** V8 engines are always a better idea.

    What a goddamn bogan.
  9. because more cylinders and capacity automatically means less space and less weight? haha
  10. The LS isnt really much physically bigger or heavier. And it gets better fuel economy.
  11. Yeah, twice as many cylinders definitely occupies less space. Are you serious with this shit?
  12. yeah, if engines consisted of cylinders and only cylinders. (not that an F20C isnt smaller than an LS1, but still)
    Are you serious calling an LSx, 'huge-as-****' though? wut.
  13. Well gee, I dunno. Is it a lot bigger than a 2.4L S2000 engine? Yes I'm calling it huge as ****, because it's huge as ****, you idiot. Jesus christ, are Australians really this dumb?
  14. Got to love this 10 year old argument.
  15. Chuck a rotor in it uleh ehuhuhu
  16. the LS series are some of the smallest V engines made today, despite their large displacements.

    Theres a reason they stick them in everything.
  17. zomg, the huge as **** small-block LS1!
  18. Saying it's the smallest V engine is like saying it's the smallest Cadillac - it's still a fUcking boat. They stick them in everything because rednecks love V8s, but are too poor for hemis.
  19. they stick them in everything because the power/weight&size ratio is freakin awesome, and thats a stat that ACTUALLY has performance value.
  20. Says the wog who thinks VLs are the be-all-end-all of automotive performance.
  21. yea man, because thats what I think.

    The VLs engine makes over 300hp and is only 2.5L by the way. Its obviously awesome.
  22. the LS1 is only 29" long, 25" wide, and ~28" tall (oil pans and intakes change this)

    the RB26 is 34 x 26 x 26.
  23. Cool, I'll put a pipeless, oil pan-less LS1 in my car then. A real space saver.
  24. ill just put it on the passenger seat, 29/25/28 should fit easily
  25. I was thinking I'd mount it under my stereo deck. It's practically the size of a shoe!

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