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  1. can't think of any other 4-cylinder engine that revs and is neat

    these V6 guys think size matters
  2. i think a couple of SR20 motors would have pulled premium before race wars.
  3. SR20 sounds like someone pooing in a sewer
  4. no, you dont get it.
    its a quote from fast and the furious.
  5. never heard of it
  6. this guy
  7. From memory the owner on S2kI said it was about the same.

    It had specific numbers mentioned but I forget them off the top of my head.
  8. Inline 4 > V8, since forever.
  9. boxer 4 > all ?
  10. take them out in this inner city drag
  11. NO
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    I prefer the original engine.

    You know, the one that came with the car, the one that was engineered into it by real engineers from one of the best companies in the world, not the engine adapted by some stinky ass fat drunk american in some basement with a box of tools and two six-packs of "bud".

    E www.
  13. yeah but what's the ring time?
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    Rednecks will make it faster then Japanese whimpineers.
  15. what about Flat 6 twin turbo? its held the fastest time on the ring since forever.
  16. Steffan Bellof > you but we're not talking #$%#ing Group C you asshole get the #$%# out of here this is hp/l and waite distrubushn talk now okay
  17. Shoulda used a 13b I think.
  18. its still a Flat 6 Twin Turbo that could go in any car.

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