I Can Has Home?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Finger Eleven, Mar 6, 2009.

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  2. Aww, I hope he finds a good home.
  3. keep it for the office. it will boost morale and increase sales. sell this to your boss
  4. He's so rad looking! I hope they don't put him down or anything.
  5. YOU take him home
  6. Thats cat if #$%#in awesome!!!! He should be left as is! dont clean, dont brush! He has so much character!!!! He is the #$%#in Balls!!
  7. Haha totally, he is bad ass man.
  8. It is sad cause if he really is deaf and severly matted they are just as likely to put him down than clean him just to save time and money.

  9. Nah, they'll shave him up nice.
  10. then euthanasia.
  11. I'm gonna ask them when they come what they'll do. If they're just gonna put him down, I'll take him.
  12. awesome
  13. You can only hope. I know the SPCA here has started euthanizing all cats that cant be immediately adopted out. If they have to spend more than one man hour in addition to the regular vet check on the cat they euthanize them. Its quite sad. Alot of the dogs are being euthanized as well. The downfall to the recession is that the SPCA has seen a major major decrease in donations and funding and have to cut extra costs as much as possible and unfortunately that means alot of dead animals
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    A www.

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  15. Is that blue steel?
  16. So I guess he's a Silver Persian, a desireable cat so he should be fine.

    If anyone wants to follow him: Phone number is 403.723.6025 - ID Number 104727 "Matt".
  17. They're probably just going to inject him and put him in the incinerator.
  18. put him in the awesonator and so he becomes awesomecat.
  19. Worst Post 2009
  20. hi
  21. europeans are not funny.
  22. hello
  23. he obviously used to have a home, since he's not going all feral like.

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