I Can Has Home?

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  1. I'm not ready for that yet
  2. rad find man
  3. man i hope it doesn't get hot there he's got a mighty big sweater on
  4. Yeah I actually found a tattoo in his ear really far in, its barely readable though so I donno if they'll find the owner.
  5. this is an awesome thread.

    this is like, the one time you should break the SC.net boundary rules and show girls this thread.

    they would think you were adorable.

    I'm at least 53% straight and even I can't resist you right now.
  6. I hate to say it, but they'll probably put him down. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    WHY WON'T PEOPLE ADOPT MORE ANIMALS??? Stuff like this keeps me up at night, for reals.
  7. cause its more fun to skip their corpses across ponds on nice spring days?
  8. People will adopt him I think.

    I'm gonna keep checking in and if it gets down to the wire, I'm gonna take him.
  9. I got this email today:

    "Hello, everyone,
    It is with great sadness to pass along that my dog breeder, Cathy Pendleton, whom I love and treasure, is losing her battle with breast cancer. She can no longer care for her dogs. She is in hospice after being in the hospital for a week.
    We are in the process of placing her Samoyeds. If you know of anyone who would like a sweet natured, playful pet, please let me know. She has all girls who range from 1.5 years old to more senior dogs. All are healthy and have been very well taken care of. New homes need to have space for an active dog and a fenced in back yard. We may do a home visit to ensure that these precious dogs and their new family are the right fit. There is no cost, but the new family will need to spay the dog if it is less than 7 years old.
    They can move out of state. The new family needs to be willing to stay in touch with the "Sammy family." We will want to know how they are doing and if it is working out, etc.
    Let me know if you have any leads. Thanks for your help!
    Velvet "

    My landlord's brother has one just like those in the photo. They are absolutely beautiful dogs, very friendly and playful. The one that he has is really clean, no smell whatsoever, can keep you warm. I wish I am in the position to have a dog.

    Oh so if anyone is interested in adopting any of these dogs, PM me and I will forward you the contact info.
  10. don't you have to pay for it if you adopt from the SPCA?

    no one ever buys cats. Cats are free.

    the main issue is that animals need to be spayed/neutered.
  11. Considering the breed alone it almost definitely used to have a home.
  12. maybe if you swear off wearing black clothes for life.

    i love those dogs but damn, shed everywhere.

    also, who gets emails like that? i never get personal emails. just work.
  13. The shedding wasn't as bad as I thought. I had a golden and this isn't as bad.

    I got this email at work, from another person mass emailing everyone in the office. If I work in a smaller office maybe we will just get an office pet... not.
  14. Aww, I wish I could take one. I want a second dog really badly, but our place is already small just for the one dog I have.
  15. Poor thing. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  16. rob?
  17. sucks, makes me kinda want to take one
  18. Nice breeds of cats usually cost something as you have to go through a breeder. Sure, tabbies are free all over the pace, but Burmese/Siamese/etc have so much more of a personality.

    Also a lot of cats that end up at the SPCA have more issues than a teenage girl. For a lot of people this is a bit of a deal breaker, unless the SPCA had some kittens that haven't had time to be scarred for life.
  19. next time you can call "the MEOW Foundation"

    my mom is like the president of it. Volunteer society and no kill policy
  20. i'm honestly not even sure if this thread is a joke.

    in the case that it isn't, give me the number. I'm pretty sure i can search out your mom with it.
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  23. lol i just really couldn't tell if you were being a smart ass or not.
  24. wut
  25. Ah shit, I totally forgot about them.

    We got my cat Frank from them.

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