I can't wait for a test of this car

Discussion in '2006 Bristol Fighter T' started by MooSquad, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. Those figures really look to be too good to be true
  2. think it will smoke the Sagaris?
  3. First of all, yes, this car would probably dominate a sagaris. Second of all, I'm not all that impressed with this car. All it's got goin' for it is that horsepower figure. Does it handle? Is it streetable? Not to mention it's FUGLY!!!! If all you want from a car is horsepower and straight-line performance (3.5 secs is pathetic for a car of this power unless it's because of wheelspin), just buy a Hennessey viper (Venom 1000TT package).
  4. Bristols; you either love them or don't understand them.

    Looks are subjective so I won't argue with opinions on 'styling' but the Fighter's design is all about aerodynamics; a drag factor of .27, plus the fact that there are no spoilers for downforce because the Fighter does not require it. This is unimpressive, Ultima-man?

    Torque is limited initially to aid traction. All Bristols have championed the 'front-mid engined' layout (engine within the wheelbase), something other manufacturers are just rediscovering (612 Scaglietti, Maserati Quattroporte etc). Bristol cars have always been praised for excellent traction and roadholding plus terrific steering. The Fighter will 'handle' and will be completely road-legal.

    This 'T' variant came about after owners asked for more power. According to Bristol, the average Fighter owner does 10,000 miles per year, including track days.

    I think the Supercars.net should have printed more details on this car, to stop cynical know-it-alls from posting laughable opinions.
  5. Looks are incredibly subjective.

    I personally think it looks great, for example. Then again, I've quite fancied Bristol for what they've been doing for a long while already.
  6. Yes, looks are subjective, but this is ugly. Nice powertrain, though.
  7. Congratulations; you just contradicted yourself within 8 written words.
  8. It is powerful.
  9. i appreciate bristol's purpose of making understated cars, but IMHO the styling could have been better and smoother, without compromising the style, perhaps classic like the jaguar e-type
  10. It looks pretty good,all bristols have the same sort of look,its based around aerodynamic performance and it blows most cars away beacuse of it.
    Bristols are seriously cool.
    Not koenigsegg or ferrari type cool,but James bond cool.
  11. DUDE!!! This should be the next Bond car!!!
  12. OH, HELL YEAH, MAN!!! But to bad Aston Martin is the iconic vehicle he drives, though BOOMERRRR.
  13. Yup......, my point exactly.<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/cool.gif"></A>

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