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Discussion in '2006 Renault Altica' started by YoungJae, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. Is this supposed to be a sports car or something? The Synthetic Jet system is pretty impressive, but not exactly reliable I'd imagine. I don't know its reliability so I won't judge it just yet. But overall...the design seems like it's supposed to be sporty, just the engine doesn't seem to meet that criteria. I don't know, I'm not familiar with Renaults so someone tell me if this is the norm for them.
  2. i doubt it will go into production in the near future. however, whatever ideas they put into this car will begin to emerge in other cars, like the scenic, megane or clio.
  3. This car is cool.

    I really like the rear side windows
  4. its just a concept; i cant really see it being used in normal cars ever, but who knows?
  5. It's just an exercise, and shows that the French car makers are once again all coming up with original and innovative designs. It's really cool, it's a shooting break, so i'd expect it to be a grand tourer.
  6. i doubt it would go into prouduction period. besides, wasn't this the exact same concept vehicle they came up with like 3 or 4 years ago?
  7. change it!!!
    change the exterior in everyway possible but the doors, put an AMG engine in it.
    The only thing good i see from the pics is the interior!
  8. idiot.
  9. what do u suggest? put this monstrosity into production?!! ur crazy
  10. whats to get, its a concept, a learning exersice. some charactaristics might make it to production vehicles most wont. thats the beuty of the car industry... these one offs.
  11. true said...concepts are made to see what type of public reaction they will get.
  12. Who the hell would put an AMG into anything besides a Mercedes or Maybach? The AMG technology going into the ME 412 was bad enough, the idea of suggesting it be used in another car besides a Benz is just plain dumb.

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