I don't like the decal

Discussion in '1999 Blitz Skyline GT-R R348' started by TypeZeroRacing, Jan 11, 2004.

  1. Not saying this car isn't nice, but can you get this car w/o the decal cause I think it looks tacky.
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    live with it. or die with it.
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    I think it helps the look a little bit goes with the metalic paint.
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    hahahah u guys are concerned about the paint? or decals, LOL!! I rather have the engine replaced, and then the chassis, then the Body, then the transmission , then the wheels, Well I guess I want everything replaced, because Im prejudice toward Japanese cars, I rather put an old Pushrod V8, with massive torque on an Old Ford or Chevy and Kill all these R!cers on the road!!
  5. good call

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