I dumped the babe in pic number because...

Discussion in 'BOBITRON's Website Forum' started by Arcanjo, Oct 28, 2004.

  1. ... I have a date with the babe in pic number 2.

    She's the babe closest to the camera in pic number 2.
  2. let me try again
  3. This is why I started that other thread in the racing forum.
  4. Good choice.
  5. Nice call, Erico. The first one may have been hit in the face with a hammer as a child.
  6. The first one never looks good in pics, she's hotter than than.

    Holy Mama.
    I can't beleive it. The babe from my date last night is way hotter in reality than in pictures. I couldn't beleive it last night when we met. I hadn't met her before. It wasn't actually a romantic date, we had agreed to fonally get to know each other at this party, because we had many friends in common who were going there. She was wearing this pink dress, just as short as necessary, very sexy and provocative, I was in my usual pimping style, and an important detail was that I was wearing my lucky underwear. At first we were kind of shy, because there were ma ny expectations involved, but it took me some minutes of fly talkin' and nice actin' I finally gt to kiss her. #$%#. What a kiss. It was one of those movie kisses when everyone stops to see the couple in the middle of the dance floor.

    more to follow...
  7. Leaving us in suspense, huh? Damn, your pimpin life is amazing.
  8. So we stayed the entire night together, kissing and dancing and making out and this and that. My friends would occasionally come over to me, tap me on the shoulder and say things like "way to go man" and "go for it". Hehe, I understand why, she was the #$%#ing hottest woman at the party! Around 3am we decided to go home. The bad thing is that she lives 15 miles from me. When I stopped in front of her place, we began to make out in my car. #$%#. We didn't have sex, but her body was so tight, it was #$%#ing awesome. She's one of those small babes with a very tight body. Wow. I still can't find the right words to describe it. I finally let go of her at 4:30 and came home feelin' like a champion.

    We took some pictures at the party, but ot with my digi cam, so it'll take me some time to post them.

  9. haha. Good for you. You should sell "Erico in Brazil"-movies...
  10. haha. Good for you. You should sell XXX "Erico in Brazil"-movies...
  11. ,jmfkhflkhf
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  13. Awesome!
    That'll be on my sig now!
  14. #$%#, nice job dude!
  15. The girl is probably more attractive because is using a skirt !

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  17. One word: !!!!!
  18. Hahaha, send Madhav her panties.
  19. Ah, her panties...
    Last night we were making out in my car, doing this and that, and here and there. She was wearing tiny black panties with SEXY writen on 'em. Oh shit, that woman drives me crazy. Not in the usual horny way, but really crazy. The things she says and does, oh damn, I dare not write them here.
  20. WHAT?!?

    You can't say something like that and not post additional information.
  21. All in due time...
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  22. P0st nEkkid piX#!~

  23. Yes Yes YESS!

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