I fear the future

Discussion in '2001 Peugeot Moonster Concept' started by Homsar, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. Almost every car manufacturer is trying to go for this futuristic look that makes me want to crap. Every car in the future isn't even going to be a car. It's going to be a damn hovercraft or something. Before you know it no one will have a car. Everyone will have some flying hunk of metal with no style or thought put into it. We might as well kiss goodbye the simple design of four wheels and an engine.
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    ha the future of cars are nice its just that i don,t like the laws they got now like not be able to burn music on cd etc.man and you sound like it is the end of the world(ZOE)don,t get nervous.relax man relax.
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    anyone but me notice that if you take an 'O' out you'll have MONSTER.
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    How do you get that? There is no p in monster.
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    Why do they even create these things? It looks wierd, it's not going in production, I really don't get the point of theese cars

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