i feel sorry if you own this

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  1. one thing i did like is this:looking at the new Mini, i noticed that is gas cover, is the same as the 80s Jaguar. (chrome lid) which I found totally awesome!
    it shows its british heritage.

    to those of you, who bought a new one..
    i'm sorry for you.
    to be blunt, BMW doesn't know a thing how to fix these things, even though they owned it.
    You're better off, paying to get service at a Jaguar Dealer, because they are better equiped and trained with these cars.<!-- Signature -->
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    you are the biggest fuking retard if you think BMW would sell something they couldn't service. the new mini IS made by bmw, they don't just own them.<!-- Signature -->
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    Congratulations on being the biggest dumbass in the world!!!! Of course BMW builds cars they can't repair. By the way did Jaguar pay you to say that?
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    hahaha, this is funny. it doesnt deserve a reply.
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    I think this Jaguar guys signature is great.

    It states "Italian Finesse". In a Jaguar, yes thats about right. Cramped interior, crap build quality and finish. And yes, I've test drove the rebadged Mondeo (X-Type), S-Type (original and revised), XJ, and XK8 Convertible.

    The Cooper S has suffered minor teething problems. However this has been limited to early examples. You have to remember this a completely new line of production for BMW. They have never produced a front-wheel drive hatchback before. Nobodys perfect dammit.
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    honestly... r u normal???????!!!!!!!!! its bmw and what the hell r u? the designer of jaguars??? hey newsflash jaguars are shit! god invented shit and jaguar put wheels on it! ur lost buddy! and the mini cooper s is such a hot, cute and fast car for what it is and plus... its really a bmw! retart! and bmw m5 dude! u rule... jags are shit and cramped and ugly and they are a modeo!!!i swear jaguarx, this nun knows more than you!!!!!!!
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    how about checking how many certified mechanics there are licensed to handle with Mini...
    was an artilce in Newsday and NY Times...
    at the time, i'm sure that uped the number now...
    a friend of mine had a problem like that, has his car was taken from dealer to dealer...mini is a new concept to bmw.
    again, not all BMW dealers are certified Mini mechanics.
    the mini does not have a true BMW engine.
    and i hate it when people say that BMW made Mini... that's as stupid as saying that bmw made the wheel...
    and yes it's owned by BMW...it's still British, and thank goodness bmw wasn't that stupid...
    the car is awesome for what it is,
    and i'm glad that bmw opened the mini to the US market.
    bmw is doing one smart thing, and that's building more plants in the UK, the place where they build true performance engines.
    oh, about the M5...
    then how come the S-Type R has better stats?
    and can we say, that jaguar is even cheaper?
    before you call me names, read up...
    no offense to the mondeo... but it's selling more than the 325 now a days... so pathetic that bmw had to reinstall the 1 series to make a car to compete with the modeo and the x-type 2.0
    bmw had to redesign the 7 series to compete with the S-Type...
    well, S-Type R is only the best of its class, stating Road and Track, and Motortrend... so you dont have to take my word for it...

    what's bmw going to bring out, after the new 2003 XJ comes out?
    M3 is already getting outmatched by the X-type R, including 0-60.
    however granted, bmw will come back in 2006.
    but what will bmw do when even mustangs, and even ford and mercury cars are outperforming it?
    as much as the M3 is super car in pure power.
    marketly, it'll be suffering this time next year, when the XR is out, a higher performance, more luxurious and more cheaper automobile..
    at least Jaguar put leather and power seats as standard...
    and they call BMW a luxury car?
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    the quote btw is a direct quote from Car and Driver describing the XJ....
    i noticed you didn't mentioned Vanden Plas in your list.
    nor the revised XJ, nor the revised XK
    nor none of the R series.
    motortrend noted that Jaguar regained its quality in the S-Type, easily outpacing its competitors, the bmw and benz...
    but again, thats not my words...
    and what i want to know is this
    what different things did bmw did to the MINI in the first place... i haven't seen much change from the 98 Rover Mini.
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    If BMW makes the mini shouldn't they know how to fix it or sevice it?? If not they are kinda dumb for not knowing how to fix their own car. I love the mini. I love a nice jaguar too, but I like the mini more. the rock
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    Recalls (30/07/02)

    38,700 Mini's to be recalled.

    56,000 X5's recalled

    July 30 - German luxury carmaker BMW AG said on Tuesday it was recalling 38,700 new Mini models and 56,000 of its X5 sports utility vehicles from world markets at a cost of 6.3 million euros ($6.22 million).

    The company said it was investigating possible problems in the Mini linked to the cable connecting the shift lever to the transmission and loose brake pedals in the X5.

    Earlier, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said 3,531 Mini Coopers had been recalled from the U.S., equal to about half the number already sold there in addition to 34,860 X5s in the U.S.

    apparently BMW doesn't know how to make or fix Minis.
    and yes i do like the Mini, just stating that with BMW unreliable track record, it's bound to have a lot of problems.
    do hope for the best for the Mini for the US
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    it is clearly stated as well on the mini web site...
    that not all it's dealers are cable of mainting a Mini...
    because they don't have the necessary toold and machiner... remember it's a British car.. slightly different than the BMWs, even though BMW did modifiy it a bit...
    don't believe me that Mini is british?
    well i emailed, Mini and this is what i got...

    Hello again Russus. Thanks for replying back into MINI old chap.

    I am sorry that you didn't feel as though I answered your inquiry. Let's see if
    we can make it a little more clear. The MINI make is a passenger car that is
    extremely fond of fish and chips, the Queen, football (soccer) and a few pints.
    The MINI is undoubtedly English.


    James Frost
    MINI Division
    Customer Relations

    there you go... everything i said came from Mini directly...
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    ya i just took my mini cooper S put a big block supercharged blown injected engine in it. tubbed the back wheels and put pizza cutter tires on the front. i took it to the track and it went 6.47 at 230mph. Ya, its all good.
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    i like this car...i dun think its bad
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    i like your picture. And i also agree with you
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    be quiet
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    hahaha, i agree with you supercarfreak812! the mini is a wonderful car, and i could care less if BMW or MINI or whoever can't service my car, because i prefer to do it myself, that's right, unlike a lot of people on this site i am not mechanically challenged. what a concept, get your hands a little dirty, get closer to your car, save a lot of money, and be assured of a job well done. oh, and jagX...i wouldn't go to a jaguar dealership, they can't even put pinstrips on correctly, as my mom was going to get them on her X-type, but after i pointed out the crappy job they did, she went without.
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    this dudes an idiot. but i have to admit, the new mini's just arent the same as the old ones. My dad had a Mini Pannel van, adn went completly race on everything. race rims, race exhaust, race heads, everything to race. call me a bull shitter if you like, but that thing would FLY! Incredible top end of about 115mph (not crazy fast now days, but fast ass for a mini back then!) amazing acceleration, and im not bullshitting anyone here, 0-60 in 6.6 seconds. the thing was incredible until it got ripped in half in a parking lot, stupid drunk f*ckers lost it in their pick up truck. and another thing with the new ones, i wish they had gone RWD, not FWD, the original minis were all RWD (im pretty sure at least). Its a shame that old minis are so rare to find these days, especially the cooper S. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
    But the new minis are still a mighty fine piece of work! I saw one not to long ago, and the dude gunned it up a hill, that thing sounded tough! nice car!
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    old minis were FWD
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    yes, my apoligies, sorry about that. still, old mini's still are better :p
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    the exhaust on this car sounds like crap in high rpms and isn't all that quick... crap power for being supercharged, but other than that i'm not gonna really hate on it, it is in a seperate category from other cars and deserves it's respects there... so ya.
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    well yes, I hear you. I serviced all the cars I ever owned.
    granted not all jag dealers are good.
    i'm just fortunate enough to have the world best jaguar dealership couple miles away from my house.
    I have three Jaguar dealerships in a 20 mile radius.
    That's what you get for living on Long Island.
    The quality is good, because they got competition, not only from the other brands, but from the same brand.
    Granted, they still need some work on the detailing of some of its products. but, by 2009 the entire model line will return to Jaguar, in reference to parts, design, and fabrication, etc.
    However, I must note, that they do have improved the facilities for the Mini.
    No, of course, I'm not even going to start talking about the horrible job they did to service my friend's 7 series BMW; other than he said the Jaguar dealership would have handled it better.
    SO i guess it's just a matter of region, and personal experience.
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    Personal experience means a whole heck of a lot in the business.
    As for BMW dealers not knowing how to work on them, you would have to base that on a case by case basis. Seeing as the Mini isn't even two years old (the new one that is), you do have to figure that the technicians at the dealers have to figure out the differences between the Mini motor and engine bay and the BMW motor and engine bay. One major difference is BMW's lack in producing ANYTHING front wheel drive. They just flat don't make one; so, that makes quite a difference in setup, even though most of the basics are the same. Most manufacturers make their motors different; that's just the way it is. American motors are way different than European motors and Japanese motors are different as well. Give the dealers' technicians some time, they will be able to work on them just fine.
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    I had the chance to drive a Cooper S a few weeks ago and I must say that it is one very fast car. The handling was remarkable and the car just pulled no matter where you were at in the revs. All I can say is I wish I had one.
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    me too//////////////////////////

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    I really do wish I had one of these.

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