I got my xB today

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Big Rob, Dec 11, 2004.

  1. is there a high wind warning on the car somewhere?
  2. You should put 36 inch super swampers on it.
  3. Why are you so excited over an xB? They aren't exactly thrilling to drive. Though the customization possibilities are nearly endless.
  4. Rims are sweet.
  5. I wish he would run you over with an xB.
  6. Whoa, lay off the hostility, it's too early in the day for that shit.
  7. He is excited because he spent his hard earned money on a new car. Something you wouldn’t understand because you’re just some dumbass kid without a penny to his name.
  8. Ok, i can understand that, new cars are exciting. I'm not a dumbass kid, though I am dirt poor-Thank you GWB for helping the economy SO much!
  9. only way to go, Big Rob knows that, and he's a DJ too.
  10. Yeah, seriously. I mean, why drive some small, 2500 lb car with some fat tires when Mercedes makes 5000 lb cars? The larger number must = more thrilling.
  11. Thankfully this looks a lot better than an Element. But why do you like such square vehicles? Boxes just do it for you?
  12. Guys who love cars love their cars, regardless of what kind of car it is, just because it's theirs. And if it's a car they were able to pick for themselves, doesn't it stand to reason that they'd love it that much more?
  13. I just think they look better. Doesn't have to be square, but anything round doesn't look good to me, like mid-'90s Fords.
  14. i like the wheels. They look like the Motegi MR7's i was gonna get for my car. And im a fan of the rest of the car as well.
  15. What about early 00's Fords?


    I agree, silly little round cars are kinda effette.
  16. Awesome, blame the President because you can't get a job. That's pretty #$%#ing hilarious.
  17. Awwwwwww yo, I be so tired of da man holdin me down yo! #$%# bush its becuz of dat nigga I can't get a job yo!
  18. Yeah, because an xB will handle and accelerate better than an AMG, simply because it weighs less.
  19. Big sedans are better. Cubic vans look silly.
  20. Is it manual? if its not I am going to kill you in your sleep.
  21. Congrats, I've always thought the Xb looked awesome even before they got fashionally acceptable. I think yours is one of the cleanest I've seen, if I got one, it'd look just like that. Too bad there isn't a Scion dealer in Victoria...
  22. all i care is that my vehicle be able to stay on the side of the mountain down by New River. somehow the Aurora does it wonderfully, but id worry about an xB.

    either way, nice purchase rob. get us some pics of the interior, wouldja?
  23. Shutup stupid.
  24. +1
  25. Eat shit.

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