i had chinese food for the first time.

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  1. It is a lot different than Western style Chinese food.

    We had cow stomach, which was the most exotic thing. then tongue as well. then there was a tofu that was mixed with pork, also beans with pork... there was a rice bread as well.

    then shrimp in a spicy sauce. the biggest difference i noticed from western style chinese food is that this stuff has less sauce, and a lot of the meat was served chilled instead of warm or hot.

    the tofu was the best, the tongue was a little weird. and teh stomach looked like it had little hairs on it... but tasted good as well.

    anyway best lunch i have ever had. a friend of my girlfriends is chinese, going to grad school here.

    next week we are going to cook for them, as they have only really gone to fast food for american food... i need suggestions, i know one thing i am going to make, which is crab bread, very bad for you and very rich, but very good at the same time.

  2. McDonald's drive-thru
  3. if you don't bbq you fail yourself as an amerikan
  4. Mussels with your crab bread. Mussels are fairly cheap and very easy to just boil with a some garlic and beurre.

    Maybe a spagettini pasta dish to go with all of that too. Don't use tomatoe sauce, you can probably get away with a bit of olive oil and some parsley/oregano and some sundried tomatoe.... just serve the mussels on top with the crab bread on the side. Oh grate some baby parmesan too (just buy a small brick of real parmesan.. it is not too expensive and worlds better than the shitty can stuff). Spread on some goat cheese too if you want (on top of the mussels).

    There you go. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  5. Chef Shit in a can
  6. If I were introducing someone to western food I'd probably start out with steak.
  7. Ohhh yah, "western food"


    I dunno of my med. style dish will work for you.
  8. it could. the muscles work but then he's basically going to have the meal as a clam bakish thing. complete with clam chowder and some sort of main seafood dish.
  9. Fried clamstrips, mmm
  10. it would be nice, but they asked if we could make something that is "american" or that we grew up eating.

    i grew up in an area where almost every family had someone make crab bread once a year. so thats what made me think of that.

    my girlfriend is from idaho so we will probably do something with potatoes for part of the dish as well.
  11. deep fried mars bars wrapped in bacon
  12. dude totally do like a pot roast with mashed/scalloped potatos, some cauliflower with cheese and some other like USA#1 stuff.
  13. this or pull out the traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings.
  14. Roast 5-6 heads of garlic and mash them with some potatoes. Best ever.
  15. srsly.
  16. this thread is making me really hungry.
  17. Turducken?

  18. Are you in China?
  19. What is Chinese food?
  20. 'cows stomach' is called tripe. And its a lot more popular in France than in China. Although obviously cooked a lot differently.
  21. Hence why it's so popular is south east asian cooking.
  22. I just like thai food...I have mixed feelings about chinese food.
  23. she cooked a lot that did not go together, to give us a good idea of everything, which is one reason i think she just did random tofu/random shrimp.

    she gave me a pretty interesting impression on what they eat, but at the same time i feel she cooked the best of the best that she could find at the Asian market in town.

    i have eaten a lot of Thai food, and i've loved it. i also like Japanese food, but its mostly just the sushi that really gets me going.

    honestly i still really like western chinese food a lot, although some is really really bad.

    oh yeah, there was one thing i didnt care too much for, it was a seaweed/egg soup.
  24. The last time I had Chinese food I ate fried pork intestine with hoisin sauce. It smells like burning hair and has the texture of chicken skin. It doesn't really taste like anything unless you get a whiff of it when you put it in your mouth. Then it tastes like what it is.

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