I hate this car

Discussion in '2002 Ferrari Enzo' started by Rotary lover, Apr 23, 2006.

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  3. FERRARI ENZO is the only ferrari that has disepointed me. It looks ugly, and that was a big mistake for the ferrari company, I hope the next celebration car ( if it comes one ) have a good look. I hope they make one before the " next oil crise".
  4. Obviously the Enzo is a polarizing car. I didn't like it either when I first saw it. But to insult the Enzo is a fools' game. The car's performance will humiliate 99.999% of what's on the road today, as well it should for the price. So why hate it? If you'd turn down a ride in the Enzo, never mind a drive, you're crazy. It's staggering to think there are cars being made now and in the future which will be still another level above it. But may the Enzo's legend loom large. It's an enthusiasts' car of the highest order, and the reason websites like this exist.
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  6. whoever says this car is ugly, dumb, slow, pointless, or anything negative about it does not deserve to exist. simply put, they would not have given the car the name of the founder of the company unless it was a wonderful machine. if the greatest and fastest road car ever made by the best name in the business isnt good enough for you, then you have a problem
  7. yeah, when u tal about car u can compare the caparo T1 neither the radical. is like Citroen Visa being comfortable as a Merc S-class ... BAH
  8. i personally love this car its my fav car ever. anyone who ses its junk, crap, piece of s*** etc. is either in a mental hospital, needs to be in one, or just has a f***ed up taste in cars and should probably apply to be in the nearest mental hospital A.S.A.P.
    (p.s. i don't mean any offence to anyone who is in a mental hospital. i was trying to prove a point and if u r in one then i feel very sorry for you and hope u ge better.)
  9. Too bad this thing will own you muscle car. Redneck.
  10. yes it sux
  11. yes it sux
  12. Unless I'm wrong last time I checked the Buggatti Veyron is the worlds fastest production car. It goes 250mph

    Sorry if I spell bad.
  13. oh god. this thread is a #$%#ing trainwreck
  14. Look up the history of both of those companies, then come back and try to defend what you just said.
  15. you are obviously the biggest lurp ever

    first of all cuz you made an account just cuz of this post and named yourself "enzoownsyou" i mean honestly...

    no body thinks this car is slow and who ever does is clearly as retarded as you, i dont think this car is slow i know its one of the fastest cars ever made...

    but it is the ugliest car i have ever seen i mean just look at it its nothin compared to the f40 or f430 it is shit compared to other Ferraris
  16. Cant afford one? Envy and low self respect, thats what you have!!!!

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