I Have 20 Of These

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  1. I Have 20 of these cars...i live in a house with a huge garage, in my garage there is

    20 CLK's
    15 Skyline Gtr-34
    10 Rx-7
    10 Mclarens
    5 F50

    Each 1 of my cars are equiped with nawz cause when i go on the street i need full blast when i hit the button but i dont buy much other stuff cause i need to re-buy my nawz bottles but i get 50% discount cause my dad works at the shop
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    yep, and i have all 33 Sledgehammer Corvettes! but im too good of a person to prove it to you =) my dad built Sebring, and my grandpop knew Enzo Ferrari! my dog ate my homework, and the hokey pokey REALLY is what it's all about. have a great day =)
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    wow i never new some body that can talk so much bull 25 benzs and 10 mclarrens whatever you two are smoking you better let e have some.
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    you are an idiot, nobody is az good as legendNH (my hero)
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    Let me just let U know, U R all losers that actually thing he is lying. He is exagurating. Jacaksses
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    Twirly Pen you're hillarious.

    Hey Skyline Freak, even if it were true it'd still make you a #%$...what kinda person has all these cars and makes his dad still work for a living.

    From an honest point I'm not even quite sure why people always start these topics pointing out how they "have" all these cars. Exactly what were you trying to get at Skyline Freak?
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    That doesn't matter, since I have your mom for sucking ma' cock
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    Yeah rright!! Well I have 15 Diablo Roadsters and a Ferrari F50 convertible. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
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    ok.. fine
    i have 20 Jaguar XJR-15s...
    wait its cheaper than this, and even faster!
    i own a Mercury Sable Platinum 1/3000 model
    Jaguar Vanden Plas with European performance engine.
    plus i'm in the market for another car..
    probably an Arden XKA
    so what do you really drive?
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    i don't even think there was 20 CLK-GTR produced.
    but ur wealth cannot even compare to mine so keep trying buddy !
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    I have 399 enzos, 64 F1 road cars, 5 LMs and 5 Schuppan 962CRs. Beat that!!
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    O yea well i have 7 McLaren F1 LM's and they all have NOS and when i drive through my test track in my mansion in Atlantis I usually hit 654.89 mph, and when my $900 tires explode they each get replaced automatically by a machine in the cars.
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    lol...Skyline Freak, you need me to take you to a psy-doc?
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    lol....you're all idiots!
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    I don't beleive you but post back with a picture of all your cars toghether and i MIGHT beleive you
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    You are all FULL OF SHIT!
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    You people do realize he's joking. I really and truly hope you do. But still what a waste of a post. I don't know who's more retarted the idiot who posted it, or the people (including me) for responding to it.
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    Guys just ignore him he is just trying to wind u up.

    lets discuss something totally diiferent,on his thread.
    but still regarding the same car though.

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    They only made 349 enzos, so how would you have 399 of them?
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    i have all 1959 vw beetles
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    This site is PACKED with #$%#ing retards. The person who started this thread is probably awesome, since that post is funny as hell. The retards are the people who are like "Yea, show me a picture and I'll believe you," as if they were serious, or that say "You asshole, never come back to this site, you're a waste of space...etc," as if a little humor hurts on the internet. Hmm, what complex do you have? Inferiority? It's like, god help us.
    Thats only one variety of re-re. This site is a battlefield between personality disorders. You can see compulsive liars going at it with sub 70 IQ automotive racists at any given time. Then you'll see these people from all different countries (hopefully children judging by their razor sharp stupidity) just putting their homelands name to shame, spilling out pure idiocy. I haven't made one post on this site that wasn't trying to shut down retards, I swear, it's terrible.

    On a lighter note, the Sultan of Brunei just gave me all his cars since he said they were gay and slow.
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    hahaahhahahhaahhaha, oh my god when did I create this forum? last year and I just found it back 2day and i'm still crackin up at how so many people actually got pissed off at this
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    hahahahahahaahhhhaha, oh my god, your hilarious, when it comes to dissing retards, I give you 10/10 for coming up with that paragraph
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    ITS NOS NOT NAWZ(Nitrous Oxide Systemes) dumbass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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