I have 5 of these

Discussion in '1987 Ferrari F40' started by SuperSonic, Aug 10, 2002.

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    I reckon the sultan is someones second account .... Who is it ??
    you can tell us now, you've done all your funny sultan posts... <IMG SRC="http://www.supercars.net/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif">
    go on tell us....the jokes over...<!-- Signature -->
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    ok ... in order to own five of these u have to be bill gates or somthing like that and live in the middle of nowhere cuz i would have stolen them all and sold 2 of them fer 350,000 each!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    I LOVE GRR!!

    Invader Zim ROCKS!<!-- Signature -->
  4. but I never drive them.<!-- Signature -->
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    Hey Sultana have u been banned yet ?? why not ??<!-- Signature -->
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    SULTAN's a funny guy!
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    You wish. Damn youngster.
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    Sultan does own 5 of these. I sold them to him. They're parked on his front lawn. He only drives one, but uses the others for a parts source when his favorite breaks down. He has saved a lot of $$$$$. Enough to buy a vette for each of 5 kids.
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    Haha! Dudes who say in the net that they are rich for fun (showing clearly that it's a joke) make me laugh!
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    I really mean it.I like a lot your posts!
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    I hate you.
  13. Lol at people who think this is serious...
  14. Whoever has the sultan account also seems to own the "no chrome and plastic" account, or they happen to be friends who stick up for each other's childish stupidity and idiotic dreams. I mean, who would want 5 f40's? one would be just fine for me...
  15. This is my favourite Ferrari and it will allways be. Top 5 best looking cars all time.

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