I have a problem with this.

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  1. Why develop new, more efficient technology, that could be used to increase power output substantially, and then squander most of the gain on causes such as putting less stress on the engine or reducing the size of the intercoolers? They should have it running just as hot and hard as last years model.
  2. yep ok?
  3. I am surprised to see this sort of power (400 BHP) coming from a DOHC supercharged engine 4.6 litre engine. For such a configuration 550-600 should be the minimum figure easily obtainable, even without stressing the engine too much. To get just the same amount as the C6 only plays into the hands of those who say that the simple LS2 technology is far superior over any OHC driven engine.
  4. It's a substantial increase, and one that keeps the cost down due to not having to engineer other parts to handle a high level of engine stress. It also leaves plenty of room for the eventuall higher-spec Saleens that are sure to come in a year or two. They will sell every last one of these.

    Looks good, sounds good, and has good performance. Job done.
  5. On the saleen website, they say they're coming out with a 450 hp version next spring.
  6. Great Job! The car is right,where else can you get a four passenger car with inovatve,modern style and 400 horsepower to boot,in this price range. With this car and Saleen's new members of the board they are moving in the right direction. Alloy Dawg
  7. It's SOHC. The S281E will produce 500BHP.
  8. It's DOHC you dumbshit, it said it in the damn chart.
  9. hummm, I wonder if it's a just a dummy figure they give before having any real stats? it might be, considering the current one puts out like 450 hp.

    Anyway, you'll never see 600hp out of a car this cheap, even if its perectly feasible. saleen would be stupid to outpower its S7 flagship, and it would just be too extreme for the price (ford probably wonuldnt let them)

    Anyway, I'm surprised not to see a hoodscoop. maybe steve is saving that for the "E" version and the (hopefully) "SR" spec.
  10. Just the #$%# up rollin thunda. Its people like you that dont no anything about cars, but just look on a little chart and believe it, that i want to beat your ass to the ground. You read the little chart and act like your hard calling mythic names, but in reality he's right so just stop now, or i will fight you and your family to the death. The engine is single overhead cam, not double you god damn jewish bastard.
  11. damn, son
  12. OHV ..charts arent everything
  13. decent power...decent looks...overall a decent car

    could everyone just chill out on this thread?
  14. i itd scare the piss out of you to drive a 400 horsepower car in real life, you 14 year old pansy.
  15. n00bs just like to flame people. and it's a DOHC. double overhead cam.
  16. That right there strikes me as pointless, it should be 500 then 600 hp offerings to do anything in the market... if you can get a Saleen with 425 lbs tq so many thousands cheaper than a 450 hp uprated version, it better have alot more than an insignificant power advantage like that.

    Also, what really choked me up about the stat sheet is that the damn car is almost 3500 lbs!!! Come on people! This is not even a 4 door, not even a 2 door lux coupe, that weight is inexcusable.
  17. I'm surprised there's no independent rear suspension. I thought that would be the first aftermarket modification.

    And let's keep the anti-semitism to a minimum, shall we?

  18. I am sure they will sell all of them.

    As a marketing ploy it does make perfect sense. However if they were to want to really stick it to the Corvette they easily could. I guess my point is why settle for good when you could have fantastic. At any rate, I think that economically speeking you are right. They can make more money out of their new technology by gradually applying it in ever increasing states of performence then going all out the first time.
  19. You are a moron.
  20. Wow, none of you know how to read a website do you, and that especially goes for rollinthunder. For a "Car Guy" with so many posts you'd think he'd be able to read the part that says "3-valve" on the almighty chart, which is a SOHC. And to clear up the upcoming E model, and I quote:

    "Under the hood of every S281 is a high-performance 4.6-liter V8 engine. In the 3-Valve model this engine produces 325 horsepower. In, the supercharged S281 SC the horsepower leaps to 400. And for the S281 E, which will be introduced next spring, the engine produces a mind-boggling 500 horsepower. Now you know why the E in the name stands for Extreme."

    Thats directly from Saleen's website. Mythic did his research, unlike somepeople.
  21. the problem with ford is that they keep sticking to rusty old iron blocks and outdated components made of inferior materials. I mean, why brag about selling a sports car for $18,000 when you spend $20,000 upgrading most of its components that should have already been there? The problem with ford's V8s is that they can't handle too much stress- hence the absurdly low redline. More rpms= more power. That's the only solution and that's used in formula 1. those 3.0 V10s only produce 900hp just because their moving components are made of what is second to none- price no object. And the engine being made of those materials makes them more capable of more rpms. Which is the opposite with ford.
  22. Just like you said, second-to-none, price is no object. Why yse those kind of parts when your not trying to push the performance envelope. And as far as inferior materials, yeah they aren't super efficent like imports or made up to the standards of Ferrari or Lamborghini, and if you want super performance from top of the line materials you can buy one. By the way, quite a lot of people are making 600 to in excese of 1000 horsepower on that "rusty old iron block" in the Mustang. And even 600 horsepower on 100% stock MOD engined Cobras and Lightnings.
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  24. Heh - Funny that the new Mustang GT's block is Aluminum, and there's still whining about rusty iron blocks. Fe...Al...Yea, they're pretty much the same.

    What strikes me odd about this car is they take retro styling (that's beautiful, by the way) and pump modern styling all over it. The end result is something that I think is less pleasing than the base GT.

    Just wondering, I know it's the question of the hour, but is OHV a pushrod design, or can it still be OHC?

    Also, just because it's 3 valves doesn't mean it has only one cam. You can have as little as two valves and still have two cams, it just depends on the design. Now, I don't know about mustangs and their engine configs, so maybe it's typical 3 valves gets SOHC. Either way, it's probably way better off to be a SOHC with only 3 valves, I'd guess.
  25. why would it need more power? 500 bhp model is coming soon and for extreme there is S7

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