I have a problem with this.

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  1. Yeah, there would be nothing like a 3.0L V10 10k rpm engine in a car that weighs 3400 lbs..... I suppose that when people drive this car they'd want it to start moving without putting absurd amounts of stress on the engine.
  2. Which does bring us to a good point about weight. There is no reason for the mustangs of today to weigh as much as they did 35 years ago. I mean besides people's obseesion with stereos and fancy interiors and air conditioning and crash safety and so on, there is no reason why these cars should weigh so much.
  3. OK, let me clarify a couple of things in here.

    1. The new Mustang GT is a SOHC 3-valve V8 w/ VVT.
    I've attached a picture to prove this.
    2. The Mustang GT hasn't had "an old rusty iron block" since 1998.
    That was almost 7 years ago.
    3. You can build an entire N/A 4.6 motor for about $14,000, not $20,000. Also, this N/A 4.6 will make almost 100hp/liter and redline at 7,000rpm. Not too shabby. On that same engine you can put it under 12psi of supercharged boost and make upwards of 700hp.

    Looks like a lot of this site needs to do some research before they try to argue something.
  4. I think 400 BHP is enough. These cars have to pass emissions and have to be reliable others wise you have a lot of unsatisfied customers when they blow. Plus like people said before, you have to leave room for the S281E which will make 500BHP. If that's not enough then do it yourself.
  5. You guys never looked at the torque specs. 569 lbs! Amazing increase from the 305. I think the supercharger installed by Saleen took major force to squeeze more power. I wonder what the price tag is?
  6. nothing wrong with ford engines....go the pursuit ute!!!
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    I am confused. Last year the Mustang Coupe's V6 was an OHV engine, whereas the GT was a SOHC V8, the Mach 1 was same V8 but DOHC, then the Cobra was the Mach 1 supercharged. This year, the V6 is SOHC and the V8 is OHV, and you can get that information right off of www.ford.com. But I think that they have this wrong because traditionally Saleen uses the stock Mustang engine instread of using crate engines and I hardly doubt they converted the stock V8 OHV into a DOHC engine. So yes, I think this S281 is a OHV engine, BUT sooner or later Ford themselves will release their Mach, or Boss whatever they decided to call it which like in 2004 will be an SOHC or DOHC, then Saleen will take THAT and increase it to 500 horsepower. Considering the stock Ford Mustang GT is already at 300HP, the next step up will probably be in the 400 ballpark, so if the powerlevels for the HP and TRQ are well past 500 don't expect to be surprised because adding a blower to an already 400HP engine is almost garanteed to have significant gains.
  8. According to Saleen's Website its gonna be $38,000 for the S281 and $45,000 for the supercharged S281 SC version. I just wonder what the price tag is going to be on the S281-E. I'm gonna make a wild guess of $58,000...guess we will have to wait and see.
  9. Close, its 569 NM not 569 Lb-ft. It has 420 Lb-ft of torque.
  10. Y do they put an SOHC on this thing? y not a DOHC? that's a helluva alot better than just a SOHC
  11. Shweet!
  12. I have never, ever been a Ford fan, but this car has changed my mind. After the death of the Camaro/Trans AM, all I have left is the pussy ass mustang that I have hated for years, and years, and then, Ford gets it right.

    But, I have a problem.

    First of all, this is baisicly the same engine you will find in an '04 Mach 1, the only difference being the 3V head design. There is no variable valve timing, no OHV setup...Thats not Ford. Ford hasent put an OHV V8 in a mustang for a long, long time, and it will probably never go back to an OHV design...Thats GM's business.

    My biggest isssue with the Mustang is the fact that 1) They arent making enough of them so I can get one here in town, 2) The technology in the car needs to be beefed up if it is to compete more thuroughly with other cars in it's segment. Given the $28K sticker for a loaded GT, there isnt much that can outrun it, let alone keep up...But, when I've got a chance to get better performance from a used Camaro SS or a new SRT-4, my aliegence to GM and Mopar becomes evident.

    Ford, youve done well, and Saleen has done a great job fixing up an awesome car. But if you are going to charge more than $35K, it damn well better outperform the $33K GTO.
  13. Shut up.
  14. Yeah! No shit magn. DOHC is the shizzle. This thing should also have at least 5 valves per cylinder, and rev to 9000rpm. And what is with only having 8 cylinders? This thing should have at least 10. Shit son! Even the Viper has 10, and that thing is a giant piece. Anyway, y'all ever think it'd be cool to tint the windows, drop the hell outa it and giver it some nawz? I think that'd be dope. Nawz rules. I bet that this thing would pull low 8s if it had nawz!
  15. Does anyone know the difference of a golden star then a sliver star underneath your username in forums? and how to get them?
  16. The engines in Formula 1 are 3,5 litre V10:s, not 3 litre. They put out 8-900 bhp and they rev up to 19,000 rpm. Get your figures straight before posting.

    This car wouldn't be so cheap if it had rear independent suspension, 500+ hp, handled like an F1 car and revved 9,000 rpm, or hell, even 7,000 rpm. You know why? Because that's an Enzo which costs 10 times what this car does.

    And why, oh, why would anyone put more money into this car than a brand new one costs? Those who'd do that would be perfect as Steve-O's and Johnny Knoxvilles sidekicks.

    And for the comment about jews: Hurry, you're gonna be late for your neonazi meeting! Don't forget to bring your hood and cross for the meeting right after that one. Stupid racist twit.

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