I have no car for a week...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Jay2002WS6, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. I'm not sure what to do with myself... I can't leave my town for a whole week. Grocery store is in the next town over, so I hope I don't run out of food.

    It's in the shop getting fixed because I hit a curb. Hard.
  2. rent a car?
  3. Enterprise delivers.
  4. I hope it doesn't come to that. Repairs/deductible are expensive enough...
  5. bus/bike?
  6. lose 5 pounds walking and biking
  7. boo #$%#ing hoo.
  8. Bus routes don't take me anywhere I need to go. There is no subway or other sort of useful mass transit, either. Welcome to Detroit.

    I don't have a bike.

    Walking is my only option - there's plenty of stuff within a mile's walk, including my gym, so at least I can still work out.

  9. Walking is good for your fat american ass.
  10. I'm pretty far from fat dude.
  11. Nonsense. You are american, aren't you?
  12. I dun have car ;_;
  13. STFU, bicycle, rent a car, borrow a car, etc..

    stop #%!@ing.

    I had no car for over a month last september. and I havent had my camaro since jan 2008...
  14. boo #$%#ing hoo
  15. With a capital "A". USA #1
  16. then yuo are fat cheseburger man. if yuo can reach/see yuor feet, plese tie on som shose an start to be walking.
  17. Im not even #%!@ing..

    im telling him not to #%!@ about it, because ive had it worse.

    Its only a week..

    get a life
  18. no, they pick you up.
  19. **** you're right.
  20. My best friend from college just moved out to LA last month. He called me today and told me in real terms just how far it would be to walk to the grocery store from his new place. Basically it's the length of one NYC neighborhood. Absolutely ridiculous.
  21. My car had massive engine failure, and I do my own repairs so not willing to spend ~$1000 on parts to fix it.

    I've been without car for about 1.5month now. I haven't whined once.
  22. I haven't owned a car in a lonnnnggg time.
  24. Those of you without cars:

    - I bet you don't live alone
    - I bet you live within walking distance to basic services (grocery/drug stores etc)
    - I bet you have access to reliable, useful mass transit

    Or have some combination of the three that make it easy to deal with. Unfortunately, I live alone, the closest supermarket is about 3 miles away, there is no mass transit... the drugstore is close though. That's convenient.

    I'll survive, but this will not be a week of convenience. This is what happens when suburbanites lose their cars (and I'm in a quasi-urban neighborhood; nowhere near as bad as it would be if I was in a planned unit development further out in the burbs).
  25. I live with a room mate who also bikes.
    I like about 2km from grocery store, 5km from skool, 10km from work
    I live in Quebec, so mass transit is disorganized and awful.


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