I have one Racing-Underground.com code...

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by The Drift God, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. Who wants it and why should I give it to you.
  2. Me please. Because the last two I was given didn't work.

    And I've been waiting forever for an invite code
  3. Me. Because I already have an account and it'd be funny to **** everyone over.
  4. I have a couple other offers... What up/down ratio can you bring tote table and what sports would you be looking to download?
  5. ratios don't apply anymore at racing-underground afaik
  6. kill yourself OP
  7. I have two I think.
  8. May I please have one?
  9. Haha, Yeah you can... I was wondering if anyone would get the luke impression... do PM's work here still?
  10. Lol nah they don't. Email: was here

  11. Sent. You can edit your email off if you dont want it out there... and let me know if it doesnt works.
  12. Nope. Got the same error message as the other times. Either the code is missing or it's incorrect ugh

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