I *have* to agree...

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    Why do they need to change it.
    What part of it is impairing it's ability to whoop ass cept the small lil V8 engine with only 350hp!!?
    OK..so they can use better materials and make the car lighter, but then it won't be the Esprit anymore!! It'll be a damned M250 Concept!!
    You see, Lotus is the only Brit car maker I think who still believe tradition is most important.
    They choose and use their own parts, and builds every car like they used to.
    They stick to the low tech non-computer operated systems, yet they use hi-tech materials for everything!! A good combo of performance, quality and endurance..
    Lotus is a company who does this to evolve their productions...not revolutionize by scrapping old and making something totally new.

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    There's nothing wrong with its design, well, except the fact that it looks pretty much the same as when it first went into production eons back. I never said anything about its over all construction or anything about tossin' in high-tech computers. For one thing, they should lose the pop-up head lights. When they are up, they produce wind drag. I'm an artist, and if I wanted to, I think I could redesign the thing a little better. Though, since I *am* a commissional artist, I wouldn't do it for free.

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    well go to Lotus designs and talk to them!! They might need some input =P
    But what makes this car unique and diff are the pop ups =P
    No one uses them anymore =P

    BTW, this car has changed alot since the early 70's model =P

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    ummmm, I find it hard to believe that you could make it look better, but that is just my opinion. In any case, you couldn't make it look better AND still have it be a race car for the road, as it is now.
    The Esprit look was designed around the purpose of the car (fast, great handling) not by an artist (no offence intended) like most of todays crap cars are.
    As for the pop up headlights, I see no way to remove them and keep the shape of the front end, possibly a clear cover over lights set farther back, but I think those would detract from the look of the car.

    The only flaw of the Esprit is that it won't be made for very much longer. The little twin turbo V8 'only' produces 350 HP because the Renault sourced tranny can't handle anymore than that. Lotus USA sells a 'race only' ECU which will up it to 450 HP only by changing the fuel mapping and boost. The Elise GT1 uses an engine based on the 918 which puts out ~650 HP.

    As well, TVR is still making wildly powerful light cars, no ABS, no traction control, so as far as I'm concerned Brits are doing cars right.

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    Ummm..the Elise or Esprit?
    The Esprit GT1 having 650hp understable..
    but a 650hp Elise, the car will be overly heavy, and it'll also rip itself apart by the frame with that kinda power =P

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  6. They absolutely NEED to change the design of this car. All they seem to be doin' is roundening off the edges, but no *real* design modification.<!-- Signature -->
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    Re: I *have* to agree...

    Sorry, the Elise GT1 only has ~550 BHP from the same engine (918 TT).
    Check out this link for more info.


    It's not really an Elise, just uses the name. More like an Exige on 'roids.

    I wasn't bashing your previous post, you were bang on, 'RealFox' kinda pissed me off saying he could make it look better.

    anyway, the brits make the best cars out there right now... Lotus, TVR, top of the line stuff.

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