I heard rumours about hp figures beyond 500

Discussion in '2006 Audi S6' started by Krillmeister, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. One of my sources tell me this might be getting 500hp-550hp.

    but it feels like something more like 450-470hp.

    if you see it this way, RS4 has 420hp, New S8 with the same engine as the this has 450hp.

    alot of things points at 450hp.

    Gee, i wonder how much grunt the new RS6 will have when it shows.

    the earlier model S6 had a V8 @ 340hp, same as S4, & RS6 450hp, difference of 110hp, Really hope the new RS6 gets a bigger V10 @ 530+hp.

    Well it's just thoughts but it may become reality if we're lucky ;-D.

  2. its a very similar engine to the gallardo's, larger actually. so i wouldnt doubt it if it got over 500

    assuming its just a gallardo engine with slightly larger cylinders, it needs about 7500 RPM to make 500. not too farfetched. and this is audi so theres a good chance its turbo charged
  3. i think it is detuned with less hp than the gallardo, it might have more torque though..
  4. I know the RS6 is suppposed to have a 550hp Gallardo V10, dunno about the S6 tho.
  5. It's the same engine as that of the S8. I'd say the same horsepower, probably.
  6. i hope those are just facts.. because i was thinking of asking about an rs6 ; like, will there be a new rs6? cos if were talking 500hp, then the rs is gonna be something...
  7. Looks alot better than my friends moms 2003 A6
  8. ahaa it may be the RS6 that gets 550hp <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>..

    i heard a Audi-Lamborghini V10 was gonna get 550hp in a new audi model, 6 series, i hope the RS6 gets that :D

    Talk about M5 slaughter.
  9. the S6 has got 420hp now, and rumours say that RS6 will be looking up at as much as 550hp.

    if it gets 550hp it will eat the M5 alive.
  10. The S6 will have a detuned S8-engine with 420 bhp. The S8's engine (450 bhp) has the same base as the Lamborghini Gallardo, but with a FSI direct injection system to make it a more subtle drive. The RS6 however, will have a twin turbo version of this same engine which will probably have 525 to 560 bhp.
  11. This will have around 430 to 450 hp, the RS may have 480 to 500.
    Why not more?
    Cause the lamborghini owners will feel very very bad...

  12. yep, this has 420hp, the RS6 will have more then 480, their current RS6 Plus has 480, so i'd say somewhere inbetween 500-550hp.

    Remember, Audi want's go take a piece of the cake from BMW & Mercedes.

    Especially M5, that also got a V10.

    // Krillmeister the wise has spoken ! .
  13. Well... Mercedes has all that AMG-65 series stuff going around... Why not 600+ hp? heheh. Kiddin
  14. Audi S8 has not the same engine of the RS4. S8 has a 5.2 V10, RS4 a 4.2 V8.
    the S6 will have the same 5.2 of S8, but with 420hp. The RS6, with the 5.2 V10 twin-turbo, will have more than 500 hp.
  15. not so sure about BiTurbo (Twinturbo), it might get Supercharged, or maybe even both, one turbo and one supercharger, but we'll se.

  16. don't think Audi want's to join the 600hp league just yet.

    they will probably let the RS6 kill the 500hp saloon/estate league.

    and let the upcoming Audi R8 (LeMans Quattro) take care of the 600+hp mercedes and other Supercars.

    I'm hearing the R8 (LMQ) will get 600-630hp

    Challanging MC12, Murcielago, Carrera GT, Zonda S.

    i hope it will give them a match, but i still think the Audi R8 will be put beneath the Murcielago LP640 tho, but the regular one will probably be eaten if it gets 600+ HP, aswell as the CGT.

    don't think audi want their fastest to compete with Lamborghinis fastest because they own Lamborghini.

    I want them to release the R8 & RS6 now.

    // Krillmeister the wise has spoken ! .

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