I @#$%ing hate Apple sooo much

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 944turb0, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. and then go to your local gamer lounge and see how many of them use macs.

    Oh wait, the number is zero.
  2. Those people aren't "computer nerds": they're game nerds.

    The losers I know who play computer games all the time don't know dick all about computers in general.
  3. I remeber when my highschool got iMacs back in the day. We used them the first day and everyone got pissed off at the gay mouse/everthing and went to the PC lab next door.
  4. theyre the most common type of nerd on the planet. Congrats if about 300 uber computer nerds worldwide like the shitty unintuitive but "beautifully constructed" OSX. Tell the millions of gamer nerds that with your all encompassing leverage.
  5. is i-River non-apple? just asking- i dont know much about this sorta tech.
  6. Meh, I'm pretty sure I saw one somewhere. I couldn't tell you if it was an EX or SiR or whatever though.
  7. first of all 944turbo, it would be upload, so get it right. And second of all, iTunes is for 'tunes' not other data. For that, it should be listed where you other harddrives and storage mediums are (My Computer if you're on windoze)
  8. adrian is a girls name.
  9. Thanks.

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