I jacked a Z06 today!

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by 27GTR, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. Tailgater's beware......but a good story none-the-less.....

    warning...it will be long...but worth it.

    My wife, dog, and I were travelling home after having camped in Yosemite NP (it was f'ing cold). The dog was in the bed (94 Ranger) with all the gear. I have an A.R.E. Cap which has the windows that run the length of the cap. I had just passed the Resevoir on 152West and was chugging up the hill in the far right lane (it's about a 1000-1500 ft climb). I'm not to keen on pushing my poor old truck and was happy doing 55. The lanes had just shrunk from 3-2 leading to a lineup of cars in the left lane. Apparently, a Z06 wasn't going fast enough in the left lane so he jumped into my lane about 300 yards behind me and came right up on my tail. Nobody was letting him in and he just kept getting closer to my bumper, when he was about a car-length away, my left cap window suddenly, for no apparent imploded (most) sending shards of safety glass everywhere. Then the remainder of the glass was coming off in 3-4in chunks as the wind was ripping it out. I hit the brakes (but not too hard....keeping in mind I had a car right behind me) and managed to pull into a brake check station. As I'm getting out of my car to survey the damage and check the dog, the Z06 owner was practically in my face....swearing up, down, and sideways about his seven month old Z06 while thumbing 911 on his cell phone. After giving the dog to my wife so she could get him away from the scene, I went over to look at his car. It looked like someone had unloaded a 16- guage on the left side of the hood with a few nicks along the side. If it hadn't been me involved...I might have thought it was funny.

    Skipping a lot of expletives and threating to sue me, my wife, my dog, the Navy and whatever else he can get money from, the officer shows up some 20 minutes later. The guy goes helter skelter to the cop..."Can you believe what this idiot did...." and the cop gives him the hand and asks if anybody was hurt. "No." Then he asks who called 911. The guy says he did. The cop then berates guy for calling 911 when it wasn't an emergency and goes into an explanation of how the local office can be found by dialing "0" on the cell phone. Cop is looking annoyed at the guy. Sweet. He asks him what happened. Then he asks me what happened. He turns back to the guy and asks him how close he was following. Guy sheepishly responds 20 feet. Officer cites guy for following too closely and rules "accident" his fault. Guy starts screaming about suing the cop AND me. Cop ensures we have exchanged information and requests guy leave. Guy doesn't want to leave. Cop offers ride in car. Guy leaves. Cop gives me his name and precinct, thanks me for being patient, and offers to come to court on my behalf to ensure nothing comes of guy's lawsuit (if he does indeed attempt). Cop assures me guy's insurance will accept ruling and pay out (assuming guy has comp) leaving him stuck with a higher insurance bill anyway.

  2. Wonderful, I will read this tomorrow, because its long
  3. Yosemite is awesome, idiots getting owned is awesome. Awesome weekend.
  4. It goes to show that if you just have patience and coperate with a cop.
  5. in Australia, it is ALWAYS the fault of the person behind you no matter what, unless the guy in front reverses.....
  6. Same in the US, it's pretty much impossible for an accident to be the fault of the person in front.
  7. i think its a good law, especially for cases like this
  8. I've got no problems with it.
  9. Awesome, another Corvette owner OWNED! Nice job, thanks cop!
  10. Sweet story. Z06 dude got what he deserved.
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