I just designed a wheel

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  1. I have been using this program for a week now, this is my second attempt at trying to design a wheel, I think it looks alright, I will get some better ones soon.
  2. damn you sc.net
  3. damn you sc.net!!
  4. nice. they look like some giovannis or something. is that program the same as autocad? did u purchase it or can u dl the bootleg?
  5. nice. i have autodesk inventor too. have u used 3dsmax?
  6. I got it off bittorrent, it is an awesome program, incredibly easy to use. It is made by the same company as Autocad, which is Autodesk. This is made specifically for 3d drawing, autocad sucks ass for 3d drawing. I havnt ever used 3dsmax, is it any good? We are using this program now in my college 3d design class, we will be using pro engineering later this year, can't find a bootleg version of it anywhere.
  7. ok. dad bought the student version of Autocad for me cause hes an architect, and it came with autodesk inventor, and autodesk VIZ, as well as autocad. i also have 3dsmax, which is pretty complicated to use, but very powerful.

    i havent really had much time to use either of them yet though.
  8. Lol, bittorrent rocks!
  9. this is my current effort. i can't get the shading to looks right
  10. both of your wheels will break. im in school right now. will post my wheels when i get home.
  11. 3dsmax is really complicated and confusing.. im decently skilled in autoCAD, do you think i could use inventor pretty well out the box?

    btw, my bro has been translating an effective and easy modeler from japan. although i dont know how it stack up to 3dsmax, inventor, or maya.
  12. Holla. I actually made this about 1.5-2 years ago... anyway.
  13. i use autoinventor too!
  14. with maya or 3dsmax?
  15. Rhino.
  16. is this any better?
  17. Thats a really nice job
  18. yet another crack at it, just the model
  19. You need, like, webbing or something, for strength. Spokes alone won't support the weight.
  20. looks good! are you using nurbs or polys?
  21. thats all nurbs

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