I just gave some cyclist his door prize

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  1. ya anything that is not a I'll say "squid" bike for lack of a better term , has much more reasonable insurance.
  2. My commute is pretty short, so even biking real slow it's still faster than driving, when you account for looking for parking, walking from the car to work (whereas I just bike right up to the front door), etc. If I turn up the heat, I can bike in to work in half the time it takes to drive.
  3. Getting hit by someone's door like that is my biggest fear on a bicycle. Had a few very close calls. Once this door began to open as I was approaching at a fast speed, I saw it inch away and as I got closer it kept opening and I literally kicked it back as hard as I could. Hopefully didn't break anyones hand. But had I hit that door I would have been doooone
  4. You're a dick, I woulda chased you and beat the crap out of you for that.

    You coulda also moved over like ever driver does when passing an asshole cyclist.
  5. I sense a cultural difference in this topic
  6. busy street, cars all zooming in the right lane. I think its drivers responsibility to check before opening the door. I have no way as a biker knowing when a random door will open and send me flying 10 feet. Possibly into traffic.

    check behind you, then open your door?
  7. I've kicked a lot of cars who make right turns as well, and complete don't see me in the right lane waiting for a green light. They just keep inching and inching and about to crush me, so I kick their door really hard and then they snap out of it and are like, "whoa, didn't see you there"

  8. Who are these "cyclists" you speak of?
  9. It's the same thing with cars. If you open a door and a car takes it away, it's your fault. I don't see why bicycles should be treated differently, especially when there's the potential for serious injury.

    SUVs and pickups

    Folgers and chee-tohs

    Texting at the wheel while half asleep and not giving a #$%# about other road users

    Drive-by soft drink or slushie attacks

    USA #1 **** YEAH
  13. Cyclists shouldn't be in the right lane if cars are parked there. Should be sharing the left lane with moving traffic.
  14. Might be different in Canada, but here a lot of dedicated bike lanes are near enough to street parking spaces that someone flinging their door open without looking could still door a cyclist.
  15. We have those, but not on all streets. This street had no bike lanes.
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