I just got back from the chiropractor...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Nikko Morocco, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. and the dude was based out of a #$%#ing bank. he had a drive thru and everything.

    I'm a dumbass.
  2. you just paid a part of his school taxes, good job.

  3. a drivethrough chiropractor?
  4. Haha @ Chiropractors.
  6. He did not do the backcracking in teh drive thru, i was simply stating that there was a drive thru to his building.

    probably should have specified.
  7. never had one done. How did it feel before/after? Are you now in alignment?
  8. "got back" ... i get it
  9. the dude wasnt the greatest, i dont have any pain in my lower back at all, but i have a spot in my mid back that still hurts. my old chiropractor held it down, i would have a problem with my back or neck and i would be golden in like 2 trips. i'm trying to find a decent one where i live now, i think im going to have to go somewheres else next time.

    and if you have back or neck problems, a chiropractor helps out, anything beyond that you're probably not going to get relief from the trip.
  10. yeah, some chiros claim stupid shit. mine rocks tho.
  11. I had the whole shabang done on my back after I had a bulged lumbar disc. I was so stiff before and was on meds that felt like they did nothing. But after 1 visit it took all that discomfort away and was totally worth it. If any of you guys plan on going, just make sure you go to a doc recommended clinic

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