I just watched + Reccomend me a movie

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by TOXA, Jun 27, 2007.

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    I just watched

    American History X.

    It's such a strong movie, it's really good. I reccomend it to those who have not seen it. It really shows both sides of the white - black relationship. I also found it interesting that there's no real antagonist character in the movie.

  2. I just watched

    the kerb stomp freaked me out when i watched it when i was like 13
  3. I just watched

    I just watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.
  5. Yeah, also what's a good movie to watch right after watching American History X? I want something of the same caliber.
  6. Awesome, right?
  7. Is Sin City any good? Or is it the one about hookers?
  8. The Believer.
  9. Layer Cake is the last movie I watched. Twas pretty good.
  10. can't find it. Anything else?
  11. The Boondock Saints
  12. american history x is a pile of ass.
  13. found it, watching. thank you
  14. Yeah, I had seen it before but I watched it again because it's good.
  15. boyz n the hood
  16. I just finished watching the Boondock saints, it really impressed me. Thanks for the reccomendation Joo Joo.
  17. Sin City is awesome but a completely different kind of movie
  18. I watched Amadeus the other day. Watch that.
  19. I watched Y Tu Mama Tambien and Jurassic Park last night.

    Hold on to your butts!
  20. Blood Diamond. Edward Scissorhands. The Italian Job (1969).

    Those are the last three movies I've watched, all three I really really liked.
  21. lock, stock and 2 smoking barrels

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