I KINDA want to buy Wheelman's Marauder

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Enigma Lips, May 31, 2013.

  1. Maybe he will!
  2. When he said "Should have bought it" I thought it implied that the opportunity had passed.
  3. If I remember right, it was around $6,000 - I think. I tried not to get too excited about it. I really need to focus on the Eagle 5000 (my Jeep) for now. It needs a few fixes before I can sell it.
  4. Don't get an x5 an mL or a dodge django
    Yukon denali, tahoe, explorer, navigator
    Anything would be cheaper more reliable and just as nice (considering old x5s look shitty inside and out)
  5. Quite the contrary, Dollar for size, Django is the cheapest. Chevy SUV's are inexplicably expensive.
  6. get one of these
  7. didn't burner try to tell us the x5 was basically a sports car?
  8. yup that's why i made this
  9. MLs are poop. I've driven pretty much every modern merc (not the SLS or things like that) and it's by far the worst.

    Maybe our tastes are just too different.

    What's this "Durango" even?
  10. i remember this
  11. It's a big Dodge that I think is loosely based on the last gen ML.
  12. are the new Durangos based on the ML?

    the old one was based on the Dakota which is probably the worst vehicle I've ever driven
  13. its a chrysler product therefore it is crap and the transmission will break right after the warantee is up.
  16. Most of the time, the tranny breaks down when it's under warranty, to be replaced by a refurbish transmission that will last just after the warranty is up.
  17. what are you selling your Marauder for?
  18. this

    Got an 80's with 430,000 k's on it.
    They are very tough.
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    maybe not the Lexus, but an oldskool Toyota fourby. they are awesome.
    some more
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    That thing is awesome
  23. how reliable are the xc 90's


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