I KINDA want to buy Wheelman's Marauder

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Enigma Lips, May 31, 2013.

  1. The T6 has transmission issues. The V8 is the one to get.
  2. didn't Branko have a job building 300C transmissions at one point?
  3. was the D5 available over there?
  4. Yes! The housing for the 300C tranny! Zero #$%#s were given but it wasnt thaaaat bad.

    I just ran the CNC, didnt do any assembly though
  5. going to go look at one at lunch , thinking of trading the Touareg looking at the prices ... 7 seats is nice and the option list is much better ... seems like reliability and fuel economy is better too
  6. and you could tune it to Noble M600 spec and have a 650hp soccer-mom-wagon
  7. No, Volvo doesn't offer any diesels over here.
  8. The v8 still has problems, just not as much. Any fwd/awd Volvo should only be bought with the 5cyl.

    Also, I know we already mentioned land cruisers before, but I think wheelman said they're impossible to find there.

    And if you do get a new Durango, do not get the 3.6L v6. Seriously, get the v8. The pentastar is not a good engine.

    And to the op, if it were me I'd sell the jeep, but I personally don't like wranglers.
  9. looking at the fuel economy it looks worse than the Touareg which is scary to think about ...

    The one I am looking at is the v8 ... the 5cl looks kinda gutless
  10. What's wrong with it? 290HP and 260TQ seems adequate.

    Remember, I think speeding is gay unless you're on a racetrack or in a plane. I go 60km/h or 110km/h, and I don't care how fast I get there.
  11. It's not big enough; hard to carry anything other than people or luggage.
    It's 10 years old. Time for a new car.
  12. If you don't think being the fastest on the 401 is your ultimate goal, get a diesel cruiser. I saw a couple of them when looking up Kijiji Ontario, a few Japanese imports as well.
  13. Keep in mind the Django weighs 800lbs more than the Marauder. Hell, the new Taurus weighs damn near as much as the Marauder.
  14. i thought the pentastar was a brand new engine and the v8 was dirt old? is it just bad or hasn't had the kinks worked out yet?

    i've read the ford ecoboost for it's great numbers is a total turd in reliability
  15. the pentastar is the same garbage V6 they put in everything
  16. Thanks for telling us

    Now nobody on this site will buy a 300C
  17. The Pentastar is new-ish. It makes decent numbers, but from what I heard it doesn't have the low-end grunt for a heavy vehicle like the Durango.
  18. If you just want a comfy cruiser that can accommodate lots of people/ghetto trashcans and can go places during winter just buy a V8 diesel rangie.

    If you can't afford that, Land Cruisers from Toyota aren't half bad either. Dunno which engine is the most reliable though. Probably all of them, in which case also get the V8 diesel.

    What is this Durango shit

    I don't even
  19. I didn't know they sold diesel Range Rovers on this side of the pond. Ditto Land Cruisers.
  20. It's because Chevy's SUVs have a reputation for just sort of...working, in a way that Ford's, and especially Chrysler's do not.
  21. Oh sorry I forgot Wheelman lives in the USA


    How hard can it be to import a car? Everyone here imports them all the time from mostly Germany/UK and Japan. None from the USA though, except the people who live in trailers and wear stetsons.
  22. It is a new engine, and it has been having a lot of problems. The v8's are not as fuel efficient, but will be more reliable, and when it does need work, parts are a lot cheaper.

    However, I quit my job at the dodge dealer about a year ago, so they could have gotten better by now, but I'm just going by what I've seen.
  23. Mmmmm I want a gas turbine car now. Didn't Chrysler build a few at some point?
  24. 2H/2HT (I6) and 3F (I4) diesel cruisers are in Canada, dunno about USA, probably the same engines. Old Defenders up here have I4 diesels usually.

    Unless you're talking about NEW vehicles, in that case the only SUV (i believe) with a diesel are those Jeep Grand Cherokee or w/e piece of shit.
  25. yamaha trans innit
    like the taurus sho!?!

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