I know a car that would rape this *****

Discussion in '1998 Porsche 911 GT1 ’98 Straßenversion' started by Atman, Aug 10, 2002.

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    Does this car only goes 280???
    Holy shit!!!
    I thought it was going 350+...
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    The porsche would beat this on the track because it's meant to race, and the 800TT would beat on the dragstrip because it's meant to drag.
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    Only a freaking moron would compare a supercharged truck engine on a viper chasis to a fine-tuned piece of german machinery such as the porsche.
    Atman, "A F-15 Tomcat would rape the shit out of the 800TT!"

    Sounds pretty stupid doesn't it?

    and Mr 95 Corvette Owner,

    I don't think you'll find my mustang in your rearview mirror ever, you'll be lucky if you can even see my rear license plate.

    I don't care to share what I all have in it, but no shittyvette has been able to take me out since my last modification. Drop me an email if you're ever going to be in the N. VA area, we can dance some time

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    Porche's are for guys with little penis's and homosexuals!!! Now, which type are all of you?
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    How the hell can an 800T compete with this car? This car is race-proven, pal... A Le Mans winner. This car beats the crap out of your 800T anytime.
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    whoa u are dumb. the 1st gen viper WAS NOT designed by lamborghini. every gen belongs to merc in a way, as daimler chrysler owns it. daimler chrysler includes MB.
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  8. Well, i can just imagine that you are a 11 year old trying to prove himself. I dont know about the fact that people that like porsches have little penises and are homosexual, but i can tell that you have both a small penis and are homosexual.
    Oh wanna know sumthing? I can tell the future! I can see that you are going to be a failure in life. You will live on the street asking strangers for money because you are too stupid to stand up and go get a job. You will marry someone, lemme see, oh! It wil be a homosexual crossdresser who sells himself for pennies.
  9. Oh i'm sorry, i forgot to add something: F*ck you. Have a nice day.
  10. YOU ARE A RETARD THIS CAR WOULD DESTROY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE Venom TT800 around a track
  11. it does get kind of annoying how people compare the 800tt to so many things. Their terrible comparisons and misconceptions however are of little importance to me simply because there are too many retarded people out there for you to just argue with one. If the top speed is really that low on this thing, imagine how fast this thing will accelerate. Let alone how long and miserable the gear ratios are on the 800tt. It's no doubt that this thing will destroy the viper in deceleration and handling due to the aerodynamics and weight of it alone, but it will also take it on in the straight. The viper only has top speed on it. I don't see why that seems to make a car a better car in some peoples minds. Also, this guy could have at least worded the damn blog differently. I never would want to even think of a car raping another car.

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